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Fusion #81
Date: October 26, 2019
Location: Auditorio Municipal, Tijuana, Mexico
Commentators: Rich Bocchini, AJ Kirsch

It’s the go home show for SuperFight and I’m curious to see the show. The fact that they have gotten here is impressive enough and there is a good chance that they could have a solid show. MLW has figured out how to do things that get fans to want to keep watching and that is what matters most. Ow just give us one more good show before the important show. Let’s get to it.

Contra brags about taking out Hijo de LA Park last week and promise to make it even worse for LA Park next week.

Opening sequence.

We look at Brian Pillman Jr. mocking Low Ki. They’re on at SuperFight.

Hart Foundation vs. Dragon Lee/Extreme Tiger

Pillman/Smith for the Harts here. Pillman poses at Lee to start in a nice Rush impression and it’s time for things to get serious. Back up and a shoulder puts Lee down but he nips right back up and it’s time for the flipping into covers for no counts. Stereo dropkick attempts give us a standoff and Lee strikes Rush’s pose as well. Tiger and Smith come in with Tiger making the mistake of chopping Smith in the chest.

This goes even worse than you would expect and it’s time for the much bigger Smith to slug away. An overhead belly to belly launches Tiger and Smith is starting to get a little cocky. Pillman comes in for his own chops until Tiger ducks one and snaps off his own. That just earns him a shot from Smith and Pillman gets two.

There’s a delayed gutwrench suplex as Smith gets to show off some power. Lee has to break up a Boston crab and Pillman is right there to run him over. We settle down to Pillman with a seated abdominal stretch on Tiger for a bit, followed by Pillman missing a charge into the corner. Tiger cannonballs down onto the leg and it’s Lee coming in to pick up the pace. The snap German suplex rocks Pillman but he’s right back to his feet for the exchange of chops.

The fans are WAY behind Lee here, even as Pillman hits a spinning chop to the back. Lee blasts hits him with a running knee to the face though and it’s a double tag to Tiger and Smith. Everything breaks down and Lee nails a suicide dive on Pillman, followed by Tiger’s running flip dive. Not that it matters as Tiger is thrown back inside for a springboard Hart Attack and the pin at 13:34.

Result: Hart Foundation b. Extreme Tiger/Dragon Lee – Springboard Hart Attack to Tiger (13:34)

SuperFight rundown.

Salina de la Renta isn’t worried about Contra because she is the power around here. Promociones Dorado is coming for the World Title at SuperFight. Prepare to kiss her ring and bow down to her destroyer on pay per view.

LA Park swears revenge for what Contra did to his son.

The Dynasty is at a bar and Hammerstone won’t answer any questions about bringing anything illegal across the border. Holliday puts his Air Pods, which he takes out of a Louis Vuitton mini case, back in because he needed to wash his hands after Mexico. They drink a toast to winning, America, and the Dynasty.

The Von Erichs are coming for the Tag Team Titles.

The Hart Foundation is having a good time on the tour of Mexico. Smith is wearing the gold in the absent Teddy Hart’s honor.

We look at Austin Aries laying Teddy Hart out with a brainbuster onto the apron. Aries has set up a Go Fund Me to help him pay the fine.

Terror Azteca/Proximo vs. Toto/Torito

No tags required here and they start fast with the rollups and tumbling. That means no one hits much of anything until Toto and Torito are kicked to the floor and we take a break. Back with Proximo and Toto chopping it out for some rather loud cracks. Toto’s baseball slide is blocked and it’s a Wasteland into a top rope splash to the floor. Back in and Terror hits a hurricanrana driver to finish Torito at 5:24 with a very fast count.

Result: Terror Azteca/Proximo b. Torito/Toto – Hurricanrana driver to Torito (5:24)

Video on LA Park vs. Jacob Fatu.

Contra vs. Promociones Dorado

That would be Ikuro Kwon/Josef Samael/Simon Gotch vs. LA Park/Bestia 666/Mecha Wolf. It’s a brawl to start with Contra getting the better of things and taking it out to the floor. Promociones are sent into various hard objects and Park takes a chair to the back. Samael punches Park down as this has been completely one sided so far.

The brawling continues and they get inside for a change with Contra still in full control. Promociones finally gets in some dropkicks and Bestia hits a suicide dive to drop Samael. Another dive from Bestia and one from Wolf set up the big dive from Park and everyone is down on the floor. Park chairs Gotch in the head and it’s a Street Sweeper for Kwon back inside. Samael comes in to fight all three Dorado at the same time so Park gives him a running knee to the face.

And now, we go into the tagging. Samael fights off but gets caught in an abdominal stretch with a fishhook. Kwon and Gotch make the save but it’s Wolf hitting a heck of a suicide dive on Gotch. Bestia hits a 450 on Kwon but Gotch makes the save. Park comes back in and hits the strut, followed by a reverse DDT for two on Samael. Back up and Kwon mists Wolf and it’s a fireball to Bestia, only to have Park spear Samael for the pin at 15:53.

Result: Promociones Dorado b. Contra – Spear to Samael (15:53)

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