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Fusion #77
Date: September 28, 2019
Location: Nytex Sports Center, North Richland Hills, Texas
Commentators: Rich Bocchini, Tony Schiavone

The Dallas stretch continues with the fallout from last week’s pretty good show. We are in need of a new #1 contender to the World Title and with SuperFight on the horizon, they might need to pick up the pace a little bit. If nothing else we have something here between Teddy Hart and Austin Aries over the Middleweight Title. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Aries attacking Hart last week and knocking him cold with a brainbuster onto the apron.

Opening sequence.

Injustice says they need to look out for themselves because no one else will.

Injustice vs. Gringo Loco/Air Wolf

Myron Reed/Kotto Brazil for Injustice. Reed still has his chest protector and the referee finds a chain on Brazil during the weapons check. With that out of the way, Jordan Oliver slips Reed some brass knuckles. Hang on though as the referee finds the knuckles and gets rid of them before we get started. Brazil sunset flips Loco to start and gets stomped in the back for his efforts. Loco drops a standing moonsault for two and then sends him flying into the corner off an overhead belly to belly suplex. Wolf comes in and chops Reed in the chest protector for a bit of an “are you kidding me” look.

The rapid fire changes continue with Brazil sweeping Loco’s legs so Reed can drop a leg and take over. Brazil gets whipped into the corner for an uppercut to Loco and a dropkick gets two. The pace picks up a bit with Wolf getting in a kick to the head from the apron, allowing Loco to hit a belly to back faceplant. Wolf gets knocked off the apron so Loco electric chairs both of them at once (with Kotto on Reed’s shoulders as Reed is on Loco’s shoulders). Since Brazil is done, Wolf comes in (with a crowd shot that sees Brazil go from one side of the ring to the other) and gets the easy pin at 7:44.

Result: Gringo Loco/Air Wolf b. Injustice – Electric Chair to Brazil (7:44)

Post match Injustice beats up the referee to blow off some steam.

Mance Warner’s uncle is here to watch the main event. Blood is promised, though Mance tells his uncle (named Moon Man) to no drink too much because they’re going out after the show.

Dominic Garrini is still coming.

During the break, Injustice attacked more referees.

Brian Pillman Jr. isn’t happy with Austin Aries injuring Teddy Hart. He’ll do something about it next week.

Salina de la Renta doesn’t want to talk strategy for the Bunkhouse Brawl.

The SuperFight Control Center tells us nothing new.

The Von Erichs are at a children’s hospital visiting the sick kids. The Dynasty shows up to say they should buy the place and turn it into a casino. MJF: “OH SNAP IT’S THE VON ERICHS! And you’ve got shoes on!” Their plans don’t sit well with the Von Erichs, so Holliday talks about trying to make the economy boom. His coffee is slapped out of is hands. MJF: “This isn’t the 1980s!”

Timothy Thatcher vs. Douglas James

James is a martial artist, though he’s rather small. They go with the grappling to start with the bigger Thatcher getting the better of it until we hit an early standoff. Neither can get very far with a grab of the leg so it’s a quick slugout with James taking him down by the leg this time around.

Back up and James scores with a clothesline to set up some kicks to the chest, only to have Thatcher pick the leg again. The chinlock doesn’t last long as James tries a cross armbreaker to no avail. Some gutwrench suplexes give Thatcher two but James is right back with a few superkicks for two. James tries a frog splash but hits knees, allowing Thatcher to grab a Fujiwara armbar for the tap at 9:01.

Result: Timothy Thatcher b. Douglas James – Fujiwara armbar (9:01)

Post match they exchange respect, with Thatcher offering to train with him. With that out of the way, Thatcher wants Tom Lawlor at SuperFight.

Jimmy Havoc promises to do bad things to Warner and licks a pitchfork.

Warner has the interviewer draw some items he’ll be using in the Bunkhouse Brawl. He isn’t happy with her artistic skills but the violence will tell the story.

Jimmy Havoc vs. Mance Warner

Bunkhouse Brawl, meaning anything goes. Havoc pulls out a shovel so Warner turns his back on him in a rather dumb move. The fight starts on the floor with Jimmy throwing a bail of rather abrasive hay at his head. Warner sends him head first into a whiskey barrel and it’s time to choke with a bull rope. Jimmy gets in a shovel shot to the head to take over, but because it’s a long match that’s only good for two back inside.

A rake across the head (with an actual rake) has Warner in trouble and allows the announcers to debate rake as a noun and verb. Warner gets in a poke to the eye and a rake to the face for two, meaning it’s time for a door. A pumpkin to the head misses as Warner throws it into the crowd by mistake, allowing Havoc to bust out the staple gun. With Warner down, it’s time for the second pumpkin….and Jimmy staples Mance’s tongue to said pumpkin. Rich: “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT???”

Warner breaks it off and DDT’s Havoc onto the pumpkin, which gets stuck. The running knee to the pumpkin gets two as Tony is very confused. Some chairs are set up in the middle with a door laid on top of them, only to have Havoc Death Valley Drive him through another door in the corner. Now Warner’s tongue is stapled to the door over the tables. Havoc goes up but Warner rips the staple out and throws a pumpkin at him. A superplex through the table sets up the lariat to give Warner the pin at 11:39.

Result: Mance Warner b. Jimmy Havoc – Lariat (11:39)

Post match Havoc pulls out some barbed wire to hit Warner in the head and draw some blood. The wire goes into Warner’s mouth with Havoc pulling back until referees break it up.


Gringo Loco/Air Wolf b. Injustice – Electric chair to Brazil
Timothy Thatcher b. Douglas James – Fujiwara armbar
Mance Warner b. Jimmy Havoc – Lariat

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