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Fusion #83
Date: November 9, 2019
Location: GILT Nightclub, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Rich Bocchini, AJ Kirsch

We’re past SuperFight now and that means things are going to be at the start of a new cycle. I’m not sure what to expect this time around but that is kind of a fun feeling for a change. There are a lot of things that can be done from here but we’re going to need some fresh challengers to all of the titles. Let’s get to it.

For those of you who keep track, last week’s pre-show has been changed to episode #82 so everything lines up.

We open with a recap of Jacob Fatu defeating LA Park to retain the World Title in a match that surprised me.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Contra for an unscheduled appearance to get things going. Josef Samael demands the fans’ praise and talks about how their soldiers around the world are celebrating the title win. Another castle in the Kingdom of MLW has crumbled with Promociones Dorado being destroyed at SuperFight. Their grip is only going to tighten and now they want the Tag Team Titles. Oh and throw in the Middleweight Title as well, which is a threat to Teddy Hart. Samael is going to rip the sparkly pajamas off of him and do various violent things with them. Cue the Hart Foundation and the fight is on in a hurry with Contra being cleared out.

The announcers reset a bit and plug the Thanksgiving special.

Mance Warner wants one more match with Jimmy Havoc: Falls Count Anywhere. He even turns down a moonshine deal.

Timothy Thatcher vs. Low Ki

Thatcher has Douglas James in his corner. They stare each other down for a long time to start as the fans aren’t sure who they like best. There is no significant contact in the first minute so Thatcher makes up for it by taking Low Ki down for a quickly broken chinlock. The grappling continues with Thatcher taking him onto the top but getting pulled down into an armbreaker.

With that broken up, Thatcher works on an armbar so Ki heads to the ropes this time. Another armbreaker sends Ki to the mat but he starts kicking at the legs. Back from a break with Thatcher putting on a bow and arrow while pulling at Ki’s face. Thatcher switches to the arm and gets downright furious over getting hit to the face. Hang on though as Contra takes over the feed to say that the castles will continue to fall and there will be a big offer next week.

We come back to Thatcher working on the arm again as commentary points out how he always has a hold on a limb. The short armscissors goes on for a bit until Ki gets his foot on the rope. With the submissions not working, it’s a slam into an elbow drop to keep Ki down. The chinlock doesn’t last long so Thatcher ties him in the ropes for a forearm to the chest.

A snap suplex gets two as Ki has been dominated almost the entire time here. Ki gets away and tries a springboard dive, only to get uppercutted down to the floor. That’s only good for nine and then two inside so Thatcher catapults him into the corner, only to have Ki bounce back for a double stomp to the chest. Thatcher snaps off a belly to belly for two more but Ki pulls him down into the Dragon Clutch. That’s reversed but Ki climbs onto his back and pulls him down into a choke for the knockout at 16:39.

Result: Low Ki b. Timothy Thatcher – Choke (16:39)

The Von Erichs are ready for Contra. Tom Lawlor has nothing to say about rumors he might be going to WWE or New Japan and doesn’t like being asked about it.

King Mo is coming to MLW.

Injustice doesn’t like being referred to as thugs so they’re coming for the Middleweight Title. This isn’t a black or white thing because it’s a justice thing.

King Mo held a press conference earlier, saying he’s coming to be the King of MLW. He’ll fight anyone because he’s a black leprechaun.

Middleweight Title: Teddy Hart vs. Myron Reed

Reed is challenging and has the rest of Injustice with him though the rest of the Foundation isn’t here. During the entrances, Hart says he wants to get his hands on Fatu and the World Title. Feeling out process to start until Hart snaps into another gear and takes him down into a Crossface. Hart has to deal with the rest of Injustice though and Reed hits a running forearm.

A superkick makes it even worse and Hart is sent outside so the goons can get in a few shots. Hart fights them off because it’s just Injustice, only to have Reed hit a suicide dive. Since it has been a full five seconds since we’ve seen a suicide dive, Reed hits a second one to keep Hart down. Back in and the springboard cutter sets up a sitout reverse gordbuster for two. Reed misses a springboard 450 though and Hart snaps off the first Canadian Destroyer.

The Backstabber into the springboard corkscrew moonsault gives Hart two and the very high moonsault gets the same. Project Ciampa gets another near fall as Hart isn’t sure what to do. The elevated hammerlock DDT and a top rope DDT….draw Injustice up to the apron for the distraction. Hart throws Reed onto the two of them, setting up a heck of a moonsault.

Reed gets thrown onto the chairs and Kotto is suplexed onto Oliver’s face. Back in and the super Canadian Destroyer gets two with Brazil pulling the referee. Kotto is taken out so Oliver offers a distraction, allowing Samael to come out and fireball Hart. The 450 gives Reed the pin and the title at 10:35.

Result: Myron Reed b. Teddy Hart – 450 (10:35)

The Hart Foundation comes running out WAY after they were needed to end the show.

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