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Fusion #103
Date: March 28, 2020
Location: 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: AJ Kirsch, Rich Bocchini

It’s the final night in Philadelphia and that means things should be hitting a high note this week. The main event features King Mo vs. Low Ki in what should be a rather hard hitting match. Things have been up and down around here lately and with just one TV taping left in the can, they’re running out of time to leave on a good show. Let’s get to it.

We look at the setup of last week’s eight man tag, plus the match itself. The big post match brawl included King Mo joining Team Filthy in an important addition.

Dan Lambert, Mo’s manger, isn’t worried about a suspension because you’re not getting rid of Mo that easily. Mo will be allowed to wrestle during an appeal and he’ll dominate again.

Opening sequence.

Brian Pillman Jr. isn’t here for some reason so his interview is postponed.

Team Filthy aren’t scared of Killer Kross or Low Ki. Dominic Garrini has his own business tonight, in the form of a $1000 challenge.

Dominic Garrini vs. Dr. Dax

If Dax lasts five minutes, he gets $1000. Garrini gets driven into the corner to start but takes Dax down with a legsweep. A choke knocks Dax out at 1:03.

Result: Dominic Garrini b. Dr. Dax – Choke (1:03)

MJF isn’t falling for Mance Warner’s tricks because Warner has as many brain cells as he has teeth. Warner is trailer park trash who is jealous of the silver spoon MJF was born with. He’s an outlaw mudshow s***** wrestler and MJF will **** him up next week in an empty arena match.

Pagano is still coming.

Now Brian Pillman’s match has been canceled.

Video on King Mo.

National Openweight Title: T-Hawk vs. Alexander Hammerstone

Hammerstone is defending. The fans are behind Hawk as they lock up to start and it’s a clean break in the corner. Another clean break goes nowhere so Hammerstone shoulders him down instead. More shoulders in the corner keep Hawk in trouble but he’s fine enough to snap off a suplex. Even Hammerstone has to give him that one and a sitout spinebuster gives Hawk two.

With the wrestling not working, Hammerstone forearms and stomps away in the corner. That earns him a trip to the floor but Hammerstone kicks him in the head for his efforts. A whip into the barricade has Hawk in more trouble and we hit the neck crank back inside. Hawk is back up but charges into a book, only to chop Hammerstone off the top in a surprising power display. They trade knees to the face, followed by Hawk kneeing him in the back of the head for the real knockdown.

Hammerstone comes back with a pump kick into a German suplex, followed by a powerbomb for two. The Boston crab stays on Hawk’s back so it’s time for a quick crawl to the rope. Hammerstone kicks and suplexes him again but Hawk is right back with a belly to back faceplant for two. Hawk goes up so Hammerstone is right there with a running dropkick into a top rope superplex. Now the Nightmare Pendulum can connect to retain the title at 12:17.

Result: Alexander Hammerstone b. T-Hawk (12:17)

Video on Low Ki.

Here’s the Top Ten:

10. King Mo
9. Low Ki
8. Mance Warner
7. Maxwell Jacob Friedman
6. Richard Holliday
5. Brian Pillman Jr.
4. Tom Lawlor
3. Davey Boy Smith Jr.
2. Myron Reed
1. Alexander Hammerstone

Konnan is excited for the AAA vs. MLW series in Tijuana. The Super Series starts in two weeks.

Mance Warner says the Dynasty has made him even crazier and he’s ready to get rid of MJF.

We look at the merger of American Top Team and Team Filthy last week. Killer Kross has been injured and is undergoing various tests.

Injustice show Alicia some video on their phones and she doesn’t look pleased. We’ll see it in a minute.

King Mo vs. Low Ki

Dan Lambert and Ross Von Erich are the seconds and Mo has his umbrella. We get the staredown and referee instructions to make this feel like a major fight. They circle and grapple to the ropes to start so it’s an early break from the referee. The fans are behind Ki as they grapple again, with Mo throwing him over the top this time around. Ki comes up holding his leg and the smiling Mo waits against the ropes.

That doesn’t last long though as Ki shoves him off the apron again as they’re certainly finding a way to get through the match without much contact. Back in and Mo throws knees in the corner before going after the leg again. A leglock/chinlock combination has Ki in big trouble and Mo sends him outside a third time. Ki gets back in again so Mo beats him down in the corner yet again before stopping for jumping jacks.

A kick to the leg stagger Mo though and Ki’s rolling Liger kick rocks him rather well. Ki grabs a choke and Mo is down but here’s Garrini to go after Ross. Marshall and Erick Stevens are here as well, meaning the referee goes outside as well. The distraction lets Tom Lawlor run in with the umbrella to Ki’s head for the knockout. Lambert throws in Ross’ towel and the referee comes back to call it off at 9:52.

Result: King Mo b. Low Ki via referee stoppage (9:52)

Post match Mo and Lambert brag about their win. Mo tells the fans to bend the knee.

We see the footage from Injustice, which shows the three of them attacking Brian Pillman Jr. in the parking lot. A curb stomp through a cinder block ends the show.

Dominic Garrini b. Dr. Dax – Choke
Alexander Hammerstone b. T-Hawk – Nightmare Pendulum
King Mo b. Low Ki via referee stoppage

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