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Fusion #90
Date: December 28, 2019
Hosts: AJ Kirsch, Rich Bocchini

It has been a big year for MLW and that’s what we’re looking at today. This is a Best Of 2019 show and in this case, that means we could be in for some good stuff. A lot has taken place over the course of the year and I could go for a nice retrospective. They have a lot to pick from here so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

The hosts welcome us to the show.

We open with a highlight package, including Tom Lawlor winning the World Title, Battle Riot II, the Dynasty winning the Tag Team Titles, Alexander Hammerstone becoming the first National Champion, Jacob Fatu winning the World Title, War Chamber, the Opera Cup and SuperFight.

From August 3.

Timothy Thatcher vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

They slap hands to start and it’s a slow pace to get things going. Davey throws him off of a headscissors on the mat and it’s time for some early grappling. Smith gets a hammerlock and you can see Thatcher playing this out in his head as he tries to find a way out. The hold is reversed into a half crab, with Thatcher’s eyes bugging out. That’s broken up so Thatcher kicks at the leg and grabs it again, this time sending Smith over to the ropes.

More kicks to the leg set up a belly to belly to put Davey back in the middle, setting up a legbar. With the grappling not working so well, Davey headbutts his way to freedom but can’t get a cross armbreaker. Thatcher switches into an ankle lock with a grapevine as the counters continue. Davey slaps the mat (not a tap) and turns it over into a Sharpshooter, sending Thatcher to the ropes for a change. They slug it out (Tony: “Like two rams butting heads on the side of the Rocky Mountains!”) until Thatcher gets two off a small package.

Another pinfall reversal sequence gives us some slick two counts and it’s time for a breather. Back up and Smith rolls some German suplexes, followed by a tiger suplex (Thatcher’s “OH DANG” look when he knows he can’t block it is great) for two. They fight over arm holds with Thatcher not being able to get a cross armbreaker this time. Smith isn’t having this and rolls out into a Crossface for the tap at 14:46.

Result: Davey Boy Smith Jr. b. Timothy Thatcher – Crossface (14:46)

We look at Tom Lawlor turning on the Von Erichs and their ensuing feud.

Zero Hour is coming.


Video on Gino Medina.

Video on the Dynasty’s year.

Here are the Top Ten Moments of the Year:

10. Priscilla Kelly Debuts
9. Ross Von Erich Chases Tom Lawlor Through New York
8. Contra Unit Attacks The Lucha Bros
7. Mance Warner Has A Chainsaw
6. Jacob Fatu Dives Off The Cage
5. Tom Lawlor Turns On The Von Erichs
4. Jimmy Havoc vs. Mance Warner
3. War Chamber
2. Jacob Fatu Wins The World Title
1. Salina de la Renta Gets Speared Through The Table

Zero Hour ad, again.

Join Team Filthy!

Video on Contra, which is going to burn the world down.

From Saturday Night SuperFight:

MLW World Title: LA Park vs. Jacob Fatu

No DQ, Park, undefeated, is challenging and Fatu is a monster. Salina de la Renta and Josef Samael are here as seconds. Before the match, Park grabs the mic and rants in Spanish. They circle, shove and slug it out with Park getting the better of it off a pair of clotheslines. A running knee puts Fatu on the floor and there’s a suicide dive.

Back in and Fatu starts firing off the headbutts to take over and some shots to the face put Park in trouble. The mask is torn and it looks like we already have some blood flowing. Park gets whipped into the barricade as the beating continues on the floor. Even Salina is looking worried as they head into the crowd to continue Park’s destruction. Back in and Park gets knocked into the corner but snaps off a powerslam for two and a breather.

Fatu superkicks him down and hits a handspring moonsault for his own two. With nothing else working, Park goes up top and hits something like a Whisper in the Wind. What all else fails, throw your large body at the other guy. They head outside again with Park nailing a chair to the back, followed by literally breaking the bell over Fatu’s head. Park headbutts away, which sounds rather idiotic against a Samoan. After not knocking himself silly, Park whips away with the weightlifting belt.

Fatu, now busted as well, runs the corner for a flying shoulder to send Park outside for a huge running dive to crush Park again. There’s a table set up in for corner as Park is thrown back in, only to avoid the moonsault. Samael throws a fireball at the referee though, which might be taking things a bit too far. That brings Salina in….and Park’s spear misses Samael, sending Salina through the table instead. The Samoan drop sets up the double jump moonsault to retain the title at 20:00.

Result: Jacob Fatu b. LA Park – Double jump moonsault (20:00)

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