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Fusion #73
Date: August 31, 2019
Location: Melrose Ballroom, New York City, New York
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Rich Bocchini

This show is all about the World Title, which is the case for the first time in far too long. Tonight we’ll be seeing Jacob Fatu defending the World Title against Tom Lawlor in Lawlor’s rematch after dropping the title. Fatu hasn’t done much with the title since winning it in the first place so maybe they can get things back to normal tonight. Let’s get to it.

We open with Fatu promising to finish what he started with Lawlor and finish him for good.

Opening sequence.

Injustice vs. Zenshi/Air Wolf/Gringo Loco

Injustice would be Myron Reed/Jordan Oliver/Kotto Brazil, who promise to get justice. Oliver and Loco start things off with Oliver holding up one of his signs. Loco flips away instead before catching Oliver in a Regal Roll. A standing moonsault gets two and it’s Wolf coming in for the first time. Oliver sends him to the apron so Wolf chops him from there for a change.

Zenshi’s standing moonsault gets two and everything breaks down, allowing Wolf to slam Oliver. That lets Loco springboard off of the back of Brazil (in a fireman’s carry) for a Swanton. Injustice bails to the floor but pull most of the good guys outside. That lets Brazil hit a suicide dive onto Wolf and it’s time for the parade of dives. Back in and Zenshi’s slingshot splash gets two on Oliver but Reed and Brazil take Loco down.

It’s Wolf in trouble with Reed forearming him in the face, allowing the villains to keep taking turns. Wolf hits a Pele out of the corner though and it’s a hot tag to Zenshi to clean house. A 619 over the top rope sets up a double slingshot faceplant sets up a hard suplex on Reed. Brazil dives in way late for the save but the referee slowed down his count.

Oliver and Zenshi head outside and it’s Reed hitting a running cutter to the floor (sweet) to take Zenshi out. Back in and Reed pulls out some brass knuckles but Loco takes them away and gets in a shot of his own. Brazil kicks them away from Loco and hits a middle rope X Factor. Reed adds a slingshot cutter to Wolfe and it’s a standing Sliced Bread from Brazil for the double pin on Wolf at 10:03.

Result: Injustice b. Zenshi/Air Wolf/Gringo Loco – Assisted standing Sliced Bread to Wolf (10:03)

Mance Warner has been bailed out of jail.

War Chamber rundown. The main event will air the next week on TV.

Kevin Von Erich talks about his sons having the family heart, which they’ll do in Dallas. Ross and Marshall promise to dethrone Contra.

Dominic Garrini is coming.

Video on Alexander Hammerstone’s recent trip to Pro Wrestling Noah.

Hammerstone is training and isn’t worried if he might have a match against Davey Boy Smith Jr. at Super Fight. Georgia Smith is on a treadmill and says she and Davey lifted that much weight when they were kids. The weight is increased and muscles flare.

MLW World Title: Jacob Fatu vs. Tom Lawlor

Fatu is defending and Josef Samael handles his introduction. Whomever has the gold controls the league so Contra is in charge of everything. They slug it out before Lawlor can even get inside and it’s a high crossbody to put Fatu down. A superkick is blocked and Lawlor takes him down with a discus lariat. Fatu gets dropped with an enziguri into a belly to back for two as Lawlor is very fired up here.

The first Samoan drop gives Fatu two and it’s time for the slow beatdown in the corner. A running headbutt hits Lawlor in the ribs and Fatu bites him for a bonus. We get a lot of walking around from the champ, allowing Lawlor to hammer away in the corner. Fatu superkicks him right back down though and a handspring moonsault crushes Lawlor again. A running kick misses though and Fatu gets caught in the ropes, allowing Lawlor to hammer away.

Hold on though as Lawlor needs to go after Samael, allowing Fatu to hit a heck of a suicide dive. Back in and the pop up Samoan drop doesn’t quite work, allowing Lawlor to grab a sleeper. That’s switched into a choke so Fatu slams him into the corner for the break. Fatu tries to charge once too often though and goes head first into the post. Lawlor pulls him off the corner for an airplane spin into a Death Valley Driver and a near fall of his own.

Some YES Kicks….just wake Fatu up again so Lawlor hits a running clothesline to the back of the head but can’t quite follow up. An exploder suplex sends Fatu hard into the corner and a big boot makes it worse, only to have Samael get in a spike shot. The double jump moonsault to the back retains the title at 15:13.

Result: Jacob Fatu b. Tom Lawlor – Double jump moonsault (15:13)

Post match Samael and Simon Gotch come in for the beatdown, drawing out the Von Erichs for the big brawl. The Von Erichs come in for the save but Ikuro Kwon is out to beat the good guys down. This brings out Low Ki to make the real save, becoming the fourth member of Team Lawlor.


Injustice b. Zenshi/Air Wolf/Gringo Loco – Assisted standing Sliced Bread to Wolf
Jacob Fatu b. Tom Lawlor – Double jump moonsault

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