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Fusion #71
Date: August 17, 2019
Location: Melrose Ballroom, New York City, New York
Commentators: Rich Bocchini, Tony Schiavone

Things are starting to get interesting again around here as we’re getting ready for the War Chamber in Dallas and then the big pay per view debut after that. What matters now is that Contra has its fourth member so Tom Lawlor and the Von Erichs need their own help. That could present some interesting options which is the right idea. Let’s get to it.

Mance Warner has a new way to deal with Salina de la Renta and has a chainsaw to cut down Ricky Martinez.

Opening sequence.

Salina is in the ring to open things up. She wants to talk about Ricky Martinez so here he is in person, now billed as the greatest Cuban athlete of all time (a shot at Konnan).

Ricky Martinez vs. Mance Warner

Ricky crotches him on the ropes on the way in and scores with a springboard dropkick. Mance’s comeback is cut off by an RKO for two but Warner says bring it on. Some slaps to the face fire Mance up so Ricky is right back with a one knee Codebreaker for two. Martinez gets headbutted out of the air though and it’s kneepad up, kneepad down. The running knee sets up the lariat for the pin on Martinez at 2:17.

Result: Mance Warner b. Ricky Martinez – Lariat (2:17)

Post match Mance opens a beer but Salina spits in his face. Salina walks off so Mance throws the beer in Martinez’s face.

Richard Holliday is in his hotel room and brags about all the gold the Dynasty has. An unseen woman comes in and gets his attention.

We look at Savio Vega being injured by the Night Terror (yes Night Terror) Pendulum, which may be banned.

We look at Marshall Von Erich being blinded by Contra.

Marshall, wearing sunglasses, says he will be at War Chamber and he’s bringing Kevin Von Erich with him.

Salina doesn’t want to talk about Martinez when Konnan comes in to taunt her with the phone. He teases using her credit cards to order dinner and laughs off her threats of calling the cops, presumably due to what is on the phone.

Teddy Hart is smoking in a bathroom with his cats running around. Brian Pillman Jr. brings in Alexander Hammerstone’s jacket and relieves himself on it.

Austin Aries vs. Ace Austin

Tony realizes how annoying the name similarities are going to be, with Rich wanting to know WHO BOOKED THIS. Aries goes for the arm to start but has to jump over Ace in the corner. A cartwheel sets up a clap around Ace’s ears. The middle rope elbow to Ace’s seated back gets one but Ace throws a card at him for a distraction. The boot choking begins in the corner and Ace slowly kicks him in the back.

Ace crotches him into the Tree of Woe and it’s time to choke at Aries, with Ace counting along with the referee. Aries gets in a jawbreaker and slugs away, followed by the fivearm to stun Ace. The suicide dive sends Ace into the barricade but he rolls away before the 450. A low blow sets up Ace’s rollup for two but Aries is right back with the brainbuster for the pin at 8:45.

Result: Austin Aries b. Ace Austin – Brainbuster (8:45)

Post match Aries says he’s coming for the Middleweight Title.

Hammerstone isn’t happy with the jacket situation. Aria Blake shows up with the jacket, which is now ruined.

Come to house shows!

A kickboxer has signed with MLW and will debut on September 7.

MLW is partnering with Mars Labs to enhance viewing experience.

War Chamber Control Center, which will include a celebration of Gary Hart.

LA Park vs. Jimmy Havoc

Loser Leaves MLW street fight. Park plays his chair so Jimmy plays his jacket, the former of which goes upside Jimmy’s back. Havoc comes back with some armdrags (Tony: “IN A STREET FIGHT!”) as Rich thinks Havoc could use some peanut butter sandwiches. The trashcan is brought in for a shot to La Park’s head….and let’s bring in the staple gun. Before we get there though, it’s some metal signs to the head, followed by a big, table sized piece of wood.

Havoc superkicks a chair into his face/chest as Salina is not looking happy at ringside. As Tony talks about wanting Salina to throw him in her pool, Havoc and Park chop it out at ringside. Back in and Havoc hits a middle rope double stomp for two but Park is back with a shot to the face. A running knee to the head gives Park a delayed two and it’s Tree of Woe time.

The board is put in front of Havoc’s face for a running basement dropkick so the referee makes sure Havoc isn’t dead. That means another board, with Park bridging it over some chairs and laying Jimmy on top. There is no way this can end well and Park’s top rope double stomp goes through the table. Back in and Havoc chairs him on top, setting up a superplex for two.

The staple gun is used on Park’s head and then on the crotch, which the fans find rather sick. You don’t do that to a large skeleton man though and Park powerslams him onto four chairs for two (Rich on the kickout: “WHAT???”). Park goes up for a corkscrew moonsault, followed by a spear through the chairs to get rid of Havoc at 12:42.

Result: LA Park b. Jimmy Havoc – Spear (12:42)

Post match Salina tells them to shake hands and promises that Konnan and Warner aren’t taking her down. Neither will the World Champion but here’s Warner to interrupt. He comes through the crowd with the chainsaw and Promociones Dorado runs to end the show.

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