Main Event
Date: October 8, 2020
Location: Amway Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton

We’re back to a normal Main Event here and hopefully they have figured out what the new normal is going to be. The show has been offering something new in the way of having some bigger, or at least fresher, names and that is a very good thing. You can see some of the same names over and over around here, so it’s nice to get some fresh blood in there. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Billie Kay vs. Peyton Royce

They lock up in the corner to start but neither can hit a hiptoss. Royce gets in a faceplant but Peyton flips over her back and hits a dropkick, allowing her to strike her pose. Billie takes her straight back down and we hit the chinlock. A running forearm gives Billie two more and the chinlock goes on again. Peyton fights up with some forearms and kicks to the chest, followed by a rolling kick to the head. The spinning brainbuster finishes Kay at 5:52.

Result: Peyton Royce b. Billie Kay – Spinning brainbuster (5:52)

Quick look at Roman Reigns destroying Jey Uso.

From Smackdown.

Here are Heyman and Reigns for Reigns to be officially crowned Tribal Chief. Heyman, sounding shaken, says it’s time for the crowning, but Reigns says he wants to hear Jey Uso acknowledge him. Cue Jey to say he doesn’t know Reigns, who showed his true colors on Sunday. Jey did as well though, because Reigns beat him up. Reigns won’t break his spirit though, and if Jimmy didn’t throw in the towel, Jey would be champion.

Reigns says if Jey wasn’t proud of what he did, Clash was the worst night of his career, both professionally and personally. That’s not what he wanted to do going into that match because he was trying to help Jey. All he wanted to do was put his name in the main event for once. He loves Jey more than Jimmy does and all Jey had to do was acknowledge him as the Tribal Chief.

All he wanted was to represent the family to the fullest, but Jey disrespected him. Jey broke his heart and even now, Jey can’t look him in his eyes. If Jey wants another shot, sure he can have it. We’ll do it at Hell In A Cell, but it will have the highest stakes in WWE history. Reigns hugs him and whispers something in his ear that the microphone doesn’t entirely pick up and walks off with Heyman.

Jey cuts him off though and says whatever the stakes are, Reigns is on. Cole implies that the match is going to be inside the Cell but neither Jey nor Reigns said that. With Reigns and Heyman gone, here is AJ Styles to say it doesn’t matter who gets the most chicken bones at the end of the table. AJ says Jimmy is the better athlete anyway and Jey is just the runt. Jey knocks him outside and hits a dive off the announcers’ table.

Family affair:

We look back at Seth Rollins continuing to meddle in the Mysterios’ lives.

From Raw.

Here is Seth Rollins to receive Murphy’s apology. Cue Murphy, who isn’t exactly looking happy. Rollins wants Murphy to get on with it already and gets all the more frustrated when Murphy says nothing. He even grabs Murphy by the beard, shouting that he made Murphy what he is. Murphy charges at him and the fight is on with the two of them heading outside.

Rollins whips out the kendo stick but Murphy drives him into the barricade and gets in some swings of his own. They get inside with Rollins begging off and getting beaten up even more. Rollins calls for Aaliyah to come out here and then apologizes after another stick to the head. Murphy begs off so Rollins goes for the eye and gets in his own stick shots. It’s chair time but here’s Aaliyah to cover Murphy. The Mysterios run out to chase Rollins off and we see Rollins watching from the back. Dominik tries to talk Aaliyah out of this because of everything he has done.

It’s a family matter:

Murphy storms off on his own.

Video on Bayley vs. Sasha Banks.

Akira Tozawa vs. Andrade

Tozawa goes with the spinning kicks to the air to start as Andrade just kind of stands there. Andrade takes it to the mat with a headlock and then goes with a standing version instead. Tozawa sends him outside but gets tripped up on the apron to send us to a break. Back with Tozawa needing the rope to escape a chinlock.

Andrade sends him into the corner and we hit the chinlock again. A kick to the ribs connects and indeed it’s another chinlock. Tozawa finally fights up and reverses a belly to back suplex into a crossbody. A hurricanrana into the Shining Wizard has Andrade in trouble but he cuts off the strike rush. Andrade’s German suplex is countered into a victory roll for two but Andrade is back with a Judas Effect. The hammerlock DDT finishes Tozawa at 8:01.

Result: Andrade b. Akira Tozawa – Hammerlock DDT (8:01)

From Raw.

Randy Orton is in the back where he talks about how he could have left Clash Of Champions as WWE Champion. Instead, he left in an ambulance. He remembers a little bit about the match, which included Big Show, Christian and Shawn Michaels all interfering and Ric Flair driving the ambulance away. All Orton felt was excruciating pain and then the next night, Drew McIntyre stood in front of the four of them and celebrated.

That sight made him sick and then the four of them played poker all night. It was too much for Orton, so he turned out the lights, grabbed some night vision goggles, and beat all of them down. Orton talks about how all four of them looked lost and how he attacked them, including chair shots and a Punt to Shawn Michaels. He wishes he could have seen Drew’s face when he heard what happened. McIntyre still has to deal with Orton, so let’s do it in the Cell. McIntyre bursts in and beats Orton down until agents and referees break it up.

From later in Raw.

Drew McIntyre/Street Profits vs. Robert Roode/Dolph Ziggler/Randy Orton

The good guys waste no time in cleaning house and we take a break. Back with Dawkins diving over for the hot tag to Ford so the pace can pick up in a hurry. Ford’s standing moonsault gets and it’s off to Roode, who scores with the spinebuster for two. Orton pulls Ford outside and drops him hard onto the announcers’ table. Back in and Orton slowly hammers away but stops to mock McIntyre, allowing Ford to score with a DDT. The double tag brings in McIntyre and Ziggler, with Drew launching him into the corner.

That’s enough for Ziggler though as McIntyre pulls Orton in to start the brawl. Roode and Ziggler make the save and everything breaks down. Dawkins’ Anointment is countered into a DDT though and he winds up right in front of Orton. The hanging DDT plants Dawkins but he’s right back with the Anointment into the Cash Out with Roode and Ziggler diving in for the save. McIntyre tags himself in as Ziggler hits the Fameasser on Ford. The Claymore puts Ziggler on the floor and there’s another to Roode. Orton is back up though and the RKO finishes McIntyre at 10:14.

Result: Randy Orton/Dolph Ziggler/Robert Roode b. Drew McIntyre/Street Profits – RKO to McIntyre (10:14)


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