Main Event
Date: May 14, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: MVP, Tom Phillips

This is going to be a different kind of Main Event as there is no point in talking about Smackdown when Money in the Bank has since taken place. Therefore expect a lot from the red show, which tends to make for some less interesting than usual shows. However, given how lame the pre-Money in the Bank shows were, it sounds like a big improvement. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Jinder Mahal vs. Denzel DeJournette

Denzel wrestles him up against the ropes and then down to the mat so Mahal elbows his way to freedom. A good superkick gives Mahal one as commentary makes it very clear that Mahal is a former WWE Champion. The chinlock goes on, followed by some kicks to the head for a bonus. Mahal drops a knee for two but Denzel grabs a belly to back suplex for the double knockdown. There’s a flying shoulder to drop Mahal but he knees Denzel in the face. The Khallas finishes Denzel at 6:23.

Result: Jinder Mahal b. Denzel DeJournette – Khallas (6:23)

Video on the Money in the Bank ladder match.

From Raw.

Here’s an emotional Becky Lynch without the title but with the Money in the Bank briefcase. She’s upset about something and needs to go away for awhile. That’s why she made asked the powers that be around here to raise the stakes last night. Cue Asuka to scream about the briefcase, but Becky opens it up to reveal the title, which now belongs to Asuka because the ladder match was for the title, not an opportunity at the title. Asuka freaks out and celebrates around the arena. Becky: “You go be a warrior, because I’m gonna go be a mother.” Asuka stops and hugs Becky before chanting her name in a great moment.

I’d call that a good excuse:

Video on Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins from the pay per view.

From Raw.

Drew McIntyre vs. Andrade

Non-title. McIntyre works on an armbar to start and shouts at Vega a bit. Back up and McIntyre hits a kick to the ribs out of the corner to send Andrade outside. Andrade charges into a tilt-a-whirl slam onto the apron as this is one sided so far. Andrade dives under the ring and reaches through the ropes that hold it together to pull McIntyre into the apron.

A baseball slide hits McIntyre in the ribs before Andrade starts in on the arm. Double knees to said arm get two but McIntyre is back with a sitout powerbomb for the same. McIntyre gets sent into the corner for the running knees but the hammerlock DDT is countered into a Glasgow Kiss. The reverse Alabama Slam sets up the Claymore for the pin at 8:34.

Result: Drew McIntyre b. Andrade – Claymore (8:34)

That’s a lot of gold:

Post match Drew says he didn’t come out here for a match but anything can happen on Monday Night Raw. He’s always up for a Claymore party, but he’s here to talk about something else. Last night he was in a heck of a fight with Seth Rollins. He still has the title though and now he has some more exciting news. There is something called the Brand To Brand Invitation, meaning that a wrestler from Smackdown has challenged Drew to a match and it has been accepted. That’s why next week, live on Raw, it’s Drew vs. King Corbin.

Ruby Riott vs. Bianca Belair

Ruby gets in a cheap shot after teasing a test of strength early on. Belair’s headlock takeover puts Ruby down and a heck of a dropkick sends her into the corner. Another kick to the back sends Ruby face first into the mat so Ruby gets smart by grabbing the foot. This time it’s Ruby kicking her outside with Belair clutching the arm as we take a break.

Back with Ruby kicking her in the arm for two but getting speared down. That was with the bad arm though and Belair can’t follow up. This time Belair kicks her to the floor and stomps away, followed by a handspring moonsault for two. The standing version gets the same as they’re putting in more effort than you almost ever see around here. Ruby reverses into something like a Rings of Saturn but Belair powers out in a hurry. An STO gives Ruby two but she gets caught on top, meaning it’s the KOD to give Belair the pin at 10:02.

Result: Bianca Belair b. Ruby Riott – KOD (10:02)

Video on Edge and Randy Orton’s Last Man Standing match.

From Raw.

Here’s Edge for the big closing segment. He knows his career didn’t end at Wrestlemania but why is he confronting Randy Orton? Edge got his pound of flesh at Wrestlemania….and here’s Orton. Randy says congratulations because the better man won. Orton goes to leave but turns around and comes back because he can’t be the bigger man. The better man won at Wrestlemania but the better wrestler didn’t.

Edge hid behind other wrestlers at the Royal Rumble and then incapacitated Orton at Wrestlemania. He might not have gotten up at ten but it didn’t take him nine years to make it back. Orton talks about how Edge hasn’t had a regular match since 2011 and his grit and passion won’t help him there. If Edge has the guts, they’ll have a straight up wrestling match at Backlash. Edge doesn’t say anything but Charly Caruso says if it happens, it might be the greatest wrestling match ever.

That sounds like a challenge:

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