Main Event
Date: March 1, 2018
Location: Honda Center, Anaheim, California
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

The show is in a weird place this week as we have the build to Wrestlemania beginning on the Raw side (meaning it’s Roman Reigns time) but Smackdown has another pay per view to get through before it can head for New Orleans. Hopefully Smackdown at least gets some attention this week, but you never can tell. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Akira Tozawa vs. Ariya Daivari

Tozawa starts with the chops and yelling stomps in the corner. The backsplash gets two but Daivari gets in a neckbreaker for his first offense. A backbreaker onto the knee sets up a chinlock but Tozawa is back up with a Shining Wizard. It’s too early for the backsplash so Tozawa settles for the suicide dive. Back in and a missile dropkick gives Tozawa two, only to eat a superkick. Daivari runs up top so the frog splash can get two. Not that it matters as Tozawa kicks him in the head and drops the top rope backsplash for the pin at 6:20.

Result: Akira Tozawa b. Ariya Daivari – Top rope backsplash (6:20)

Package on the men’s Elimination Chamber match.  You can read the full “Elimination Chamber” results here.

From Raw.

Here’s Roman Reigns for the showdown with Lesnar. Actually never mind, because Reigns says something happened and Lesnar isn’t here. It’s not like it would matter as Lesnar doesn’t show up unless he’s getting paid. Lesnar hides behind his contract and shows up when he feels like it. Last night, Lesnar was in Las Vegas but he was running around with Dana White from the UFC.

Reigns is going to get in trouble for this but he’s here every single week no matter what. He cares about this place and doesn’t just call himself a businessman like Lesnar and Heyman. He’s going to go to the back and take his yelling like a man because he actually cares about this place.

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Also from Raw.

Here’s John Cena to discuss his path to Wrestlemania. Last night he failed in the Elimination Chamber and then had a microphone shoved in his face. He wasn’t sure what to say but now he’s figured it out. After all these failures in the Royal Rumble and the Elimination Chamber, it’s time for a Wrestlemania challenge. It’s time for John Cena to challenge THE UNDERTAKER for Wrestlemania.

The place goes nuts but Cena says that’s not happening either. Cena doesn’t make the matches around here and has been told that match is impossible. Therefore, his road to Wrestlemania now goes through Smackdown, because Cena is a free agent. He’ll be there tomorrow night to earn a spot, so see you then.

From Smackdown.

Here’s John Cena to open things up. He makes no bones about it: he wants in on the Fatal Five Way for the #1 contendership at Fastlane so let’s find out what he has to do to get there. Fans: “NO! NO! NO!” Cue Commissioner Shane McMahon to summarize everything, only to be cut off by a LET’S GO CENA/CENA SUCKS chant.

Cena says half the people want him in the match so he should go in. The fans switch to RUSEV DAY and it seems that Cena will be having a shot. This brings out Daniel Bryan, to say he agrees with Shane. They’re willing to put Cena in the main event and if he wins, he’s in the Fastlane title match. His opponent tonight: AJ Styles.

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And from later in the night.

AJ Styles vs. John Cena

Non-title. Feeling out process to start with Cena hitting an early shoulder block for two. A chickening/half nelson has AJ in trouble but he fights out with some chops for a breather. The tornado DDT out of the corner lands awkwardly and gives Cena two as we take a break. Back with Cena hitting the ProtoBomb and Five Knuckle Shuffle but AJ comes back with the fireman’s carry neckbreaker for a near fall of his own.

A TKO of all things gives Cena the same and Baron Corbin is watching in the back. AJ’s torture rack neckbreaker and Cena’s hard running clothesline get two each but Cena charges into an enziguri as we take another break. Back again with AJ getting two off a clothesline of his own but a Lionsault misses. Cena grabs a Code Red for two more and floats over from the near fall into the STF.

That’s reversed as well and the Phenomenal Forearm gets two. The springboard 450 hits knees though and the AA connects. Cena tries another though and winds up on the floor where a missed charge sends him into the steps. AJ won’t take the countout though and gets AA’d through the announcers’ table for a knockout. Cena rolls back in as the referee checks on AJ, meaning Styles can dive back in to beat the ten count. There’s the Calf Crusher but Cena powers to his feet for another AA and the pin at 22:00.

Result: John Cena b. AJ Styles – Attitude Adjustment (22:00)

Fastlane rundown.

Curt Hawkins vs. Goldust

They fight over a wristlock to start and Hawkins bails to the ropes to get out of a headlock. That means a spank and Hawkins is begging for a DQ because he was in the ropes. Goldust can’t breathe thanks to running the ropes but Hawkins lays down so Goldust can pin him. Of course this doesn’t work but the small package does get two. Goldust gets knocked outside and we take a break. Back with Hawkins getting two off a Michinoku Driver, only to get caught in the Golden Cross (basically Cross Rhodes) for the pin at 4:08.

Result: Goldust b. Curt Hawkins – Golden Cross (7:38)

Stills from the women’s Elimination Chamber and Asuka vs. Nia Jax.

Video on the Ronda Rousey signing from Elimination Chamber.

From Raw again.

Here are HHH and Stephanie for the response to last night. First though, here’s the same video package for the third time. Stephanie says that was Ronda acting out of savage instinct and the slap was to remind her of who is boss. Now though we need an apology from Kurt Angle so we can get on the Road to Wrestlemania. Instead here’s a ticked off Ronda but Kurt runs down and cuts her off.

Ronda talks about having never been slapped before and how that took her to a different place. Angle says he needs this job but last night, he lied. The things he said HHH and Stephanie said aren’t true. Stephanie gets back in and says they’re not bad people and goes to leave again. Ronda says not so fast and says it’s Stephanie who needs to apologize to her. If she doesn’t, Stephanie’s arm is coming out of its socket. Stephanie gets in her face and apologizes. The bosses go to leave again but HHH punches Kurt in the face on the way out.


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