Main Event
Date: June 27, 2019
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Renee Young, Byron Saxton

The show hits the big city and I’m not sure what is going to happen here. It’s rare that anything of note happens here and for some reason, I have a pretty strong feeling that it is going to be exactly the same thing here. If nothing else, getting to see the, ahem, highlights, could be rather hard to go through. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Dana Brooke vs. Sarah Logan

Rematch from last week when Dana’s head exploded. Brooke ducks a swinging elbow to start but gets knocked down for an early two. Sarah throws her outside for a bit before grabbing the chinlock back inside. That’s broken up with some elbows to the ribs and a rollup gives Dana two. Sarah does a rather loud howl but misses some running knees in the corner. The comeback is cut off in a hurry though as Brooke forearms her in the face and loads up the knee to the post from last week. That’s broken up though and Brooke hits a Swanton for the pin at 6:09.

Result: Dana Brooke b. Sarah Logan – Swanton (6:09)

Recap of the Universal Title match at Stomping Grounds with Lacey Evans serving as guest referee.

From Raw.

Here’s Seth Rollins to get things going. Rollins says last night, Baron Corbin thought he was going to take the title from him, but here’s Becky Lynch to interrupt. Seth: “Hey, you kind of interrupted me.” Rollins talks about how Corbin tried to stack the deck but he didn’t know that Rollins had the best backup on the planet. Becky: “I guess it pays to be the Man’s man.” Lynch recaps the evening between herself and Lacey Evans but Corbin’s music interrupts.

There’s no Corbin though as Evans runs in from behind to jump Becky. Now Corbin comes in and gets taken down with a Sling Blade. The Bexploder sends Lacey outside as well and the villains are left on the floor. Corbin tells Seth to go make the Man a sandwich and Lacey threatens to hit them both again. Lacey wants a mixed tag for Extreme Rules, which works for Becky, but with a condition: after Baron and Lacey lose, neither get to face Seth and Becky again. Actually hang on as Baron has an idea: both titles are on the line and it’s winners take all.

This is extreme:

We look at Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns from Stomping Grounds.

From Raw again.

Shane McMahon/Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns

Shane adds the twist of he and Drew not having to tag. Reigns punches Shane in the face and we’re ready to go. A clothesline sends Drew to the floor as Cole again tries to get Big Dog Strong over. Drew pulls Roman outside to save Shane and a whip into the corner puts Roman in trouble. The steps to the face have Reigns in more trouble and the Claymore makes it worse. Shane’s spear takes Reigns down and a second Claymore….doesn’t get a cover. Shane loads up Coast to Coast……and UNDERTAKER is here. House is cleaned and we’ll say the match is thrown out at about 4:00.

Result: Shane McMahon/Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns went to a no contest when Undertaker interfered (4:00)

He’s back again:

We look at Ricochet winning the US Title at Stomping Grounds.

From Raw again.

Ricochet vs. AJ Styles

Non-title. Ricochet tries his flipping counter to a wristlock but AJ just drops down into a headlock for a counter. They get up to their feet but here are the Good Brothers to stand at ringside. Anderson offers a distraction but AJ goes to the floor and throws them out so they can’t ruin the match. That’s fine, as the match will be restarted after the break.

Back with Ricochet flipping into an anklescissors to stagger AJ and a dropkick gets two. Ricochet starts in on the arm and rolls AJ up for two more but Styles is right back with the Pele. Another dropkick sends Styles outside though and that means the big running flip dive to take him down again. Styles is fine enough to suplex him into the corner for two and it’s off tot he reverse chinlock.

Ricochet fights up so Styles hits a spinning backfist, which is answered with an enziguri. A springboard clothesline into a standing shooting star press gets two on AJ. The moonsault into the reverse DDT gets two on Ricochet, followed by the Phenomenal Blitz for the same. Ricochet knocks him down again and hits a moonsault for two but the 630 misses. AJ’s forearm sets up the Phenomenal Forearm for the pin at 10:54.

Result: AJ Styles b. Ricochet – Phenomenal Forearm (10:54)

For the first time ever:

Ricochet vs. AJ Styles: Raw, June 24, 2019

Lucha House Party vs. EC3/Cesaro/Robert Roode

Renee dubs the trio the Main Event Muscle Men. Dorado and EC3 start things off with Dorado hitting a forearm out of the corner and a high crossbody for two. The House Party comes in to beat up EC3 without much effort and we take a break. Back with Metalik’s rope walk dropkick getting two on Cesaro. The Salida Del Sol is broken up so Kalisto dives onto Roode. That leaves Cesaro to uppercut Metalik out of the air for the pin at 5:51.

Result: EC3/Cesaro/Robert Roode b. Lucha House Party – Uppercut to Metalik (5:51)

From Smackdown.

Elias vs. The Miz

2/3 falls with Shane in Elias’ corner. After Elias sings a quick jab against the Portland Trail Blazers, we’re ready to go. Miz clotheslines him to the floor but Shane offers a distraction, allowing Elias to knee Miz out of the air. Drift Away is good for the first fall at 57 seconds. Back from a break with the second fall beginning and Elias unloading in the corner. The chinlock goes on until Miz fights up and makes the comeback, including a DDT for two. Elias’ rollup gets two more but Miz has to go after Shane.

An electric chair doesn’t work for Elias and the Skull Crushing Finale connects, only to have Shane come in for the DQ at 10:25. Before the third fall starts, Shane and Elias destroy Miz even further, even throwing him over the announcers’ table. A whip into the barricade keeps Miz down and they throw him back inside for a spear from Shane. The bell rings and the top rope elbow gives Elias the pin at 11:23.

Result: Elias b. Miz – Top rope elbow (11:23)

2/3 can be bad:

We look at Samoa Joe choking out Kofi Kingston.

And from Smackdown again.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

Non-title, 2/3 falls and if Ziggler wins he is added to the title match at Extreme Rules. Ziggler starts fast with the dropkick and grabs a chinlock with a bodyscissors. Kofi gets up and hits his own dropkick, followed by a pinfall reversal sequence for some near falls each. A sunset flip gives Kofi the first fall at 3:37 so Ziggler throws him outside. Kofi gets sent into the barricade and a Zig Zag on the floor takes us to a break.

Back with the second fall beginning and Kofi eating a superkick to tie it up at 8:19, which is the first time Kingston has been pinned since winning the title. Ziggler sends him hard into the corner and it’s back to the chinlock. That’s broken up and Ziggler goes charging chest first into the buckle. Kofi can’t follow up though and it’s the Shot to the Heart for two. Kofi’s high crossbody is rolled through for two and a DDT gives Ziggler the same.

Back up and Kofi gets in a shot but Ziggler rolls away from the Boom Drop. Instead it’s the top rope forearm to the head for two and the Fameasser is countered into a sitout powerbomb. Trouble in Paradise misses though and Kofi gets set into the post, setting up the Zig Zag for two more. The superkick misses though and now Trouble in Paradise can finish Ziggler at 17:16.

Result: Kofi Kingston b. Dolph Ziggler – Trouble in Paradise (17:16)

Yes you have seen this before:

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