Main Event
Date: June 18, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, MVP

It’s the rare half Main Event as there won’t likely be anything from Smackdown this time around. Not only has Backlash come and gone, but Raw was a packed show with all kinds of things going on. That makes for some interesting highlight choices, though I’m almost scared to see who might be relegated to Main Event with Paul Heyman out of power. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Shane Thorne

Carrillo starts with a fast crossbody and knocks Thorne outside in a hurry. Back in and a springboard is broken up with Thorne sending him hard into the corner. There’s a kick to Carrillo’s back for two, followed by the neck crank. That’s broken up as well and Carrillo hits a spinning kick to the head. A missile dropkick into a moonsault finishes Thorne at 5:19.

Result: Humberto Carrillo b. Shane Thorne – Moonsault (5:19)

Video on the Intercontinental Title tournament.

Video on AJ Styles beating Daniel Bryan in the tournament finals.

We look at Drew McIntyre retaining the Raw World Title over Bobby Lashley at Backlash.

From Raw.

Raw World Title: MVP/Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre/R-Truth

McIntyre is defending and Lashley or MVP can pin either McIntyre or Truth to win the title. Drew drives Lashley into the corner to start and it’s a Glasgow Kiss to rock Lashley in a hurry. Lashley goes with the power and starts elbowing McIntyre in the head, allowing the tag to MVP. Drew gets to clothesline Lashley outside and hits a neckbreaker on MVP, but Truth tags himself in.

A suplex sends Truth into the corner and it’s off to Lashley to send Truth into the barricade as we take a break. Back with Truth kicking MVP down and making the hot tag to McIntyre to clean house. McIntyre suplexes MVP and hits the top rope shot to the head for a bonus. The Futureshock connects with Lashley making a save. Lashley’s spear to Truth goes into the steps and the Claymore hits MVP….but McIntyre tags in Truth. A Rocket Launcher pins MVP at 9:12.

Result: Drew McIntyre/R-Truth b. MVP/Bobby Lashley – Rocket Launcher to MVP (9:12)

Mix it up a little:

Andrade vs. Ricochet

Zelina Vega is here with Andrade. Ricochet gets caught in an armbar into a headlock to start, with Andrade driving him into the corner. Back up and Ricochet snaps off a headscissors but hurts his knee on a springboard. Andrade kicks the knee out on the floor and we take a break.

We come back with Andrade cranking on a half crab and then wrapping it around the rope. Ricochet is fine enough to snap off a rollup for two but it’s right back to more leg cranking. Back up again and Ricochet kicks him away, setting up the top rope hurricanrana. The running shooting star press gets two but Andrade kicks the leg out again. A snapmare sends the leg into the ropes and it’s the hammerlock DDT to give Andrade the pin at 10:45.

Result: Andrade b. Ricochet – Hammerlock DDT (10:45)

From Raw.

Here’s Randy Orton to open things up. He talks about seeing Edge’s intensity back in January and knew that he needed to save Edge from himself, just like Edge saved Orton back in the day. Orton knows he’s the greatest and doesn’t need the WWE Title to prove it. He owes Edge a thank you though, because Edge reignited a fire to be the Legend Killer. Orton wishes Edge was here to see him face to face but he’s in a hospital having his muscle reattached to the bone. He’s heard that Edge is going to be cleared in July…..of 2029. Maybe their paths can collide again, say in nine years?

Cue Christian of all people to say Edge’s redemption is not done. Orton injured him but Christian knows that Edge will be back. Orton thinks Christian wants one more match but Christian says no way because he isn’t medically cleared. There is a way around that though: tonight, Christian vs. Orton, unsanctioned. Orton turns his back on him and says the offer expires at the end of the night. If Christian says no, it proves that he’s nothing more than a coward.- Christian doesn’t say anything as Orton leaves.


And from later in the night.

Randy Orton vs. Christian

Unsanctioned…and here’s Ric Flair before the match starts. Flair has talked to Edge and he isn’t cool with this happening right now. Christian takes the mic and says he has to do this so the bell rings….and Flair hits Christian low. Orton hits the Punt on Christian and gets the pin at 1:01.

Result: Randy Orton b. Christian – Punt (1:01)

And ye shall receive:

Post match Orton says he didn’t want this to happen and asks why Christian is here. Medics check on Christian and Orton says he didn’t want to finish Christian….but it’s Christian’s fault. He interrupted Orton a few hours ago and now this is what he gets. More glaring ends the show.

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