Main Event
Date: December 19, 2019
Location: Wells Fargo Arena, Des Moines, Iowa
Commentators: Byron Saxton, Mickie James

What happens when you try to recap a week where they were barely doing anything in the first place? This is the holiday edition of the show and really, there was hardly much worth talking about this week. Maybe they can have something special around here, but there is also a chance that it is going to be a shorter show as Monday was a double taping, meaning the Main Event material might not be as strong. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Seth Rollins/AOP vs. Kevin Owens.

From Raw.

Here’s Rollins to open things up and he wastes no time in bringing out the AOP. Rollins talks about how this has been his year because he’s beaten Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title twice. That made people think he was the future but then the mood changed, with people questioning his leadership.

Being a leader is about making decisions for the sake of progress and he’ll make decisions some people don’t like. Rollins is a leader and visionary who will lead this brand and this business into the next decade. He will drag you into 2020 and if you resist, the AOP will enforce his will. That brings him to tonight, and he has a score to settle, whether people like it or not.

The master plan:

From Raw.

Viking Raiders vs. OC

Non-title rematch they went to a double countout last night. Hold on though as the OC needs to talk about how dominant the Vikings are. That being said, only one team has beaten the Vikings and that would be the OC. Erik knees Anderson into the corner to start and it’s off to Ivar, who gets slammed down onto Anderson for a bonus.

Some forearms from Ivar set up Erik’s delayed vertical suplex into an armbar. That goes nowhere so it’s off to Gallows, who is knocked to the floor in a hurry. The suicide dive is blocked and Gallows hits a fall away slam into the barricade. Back from a break with Erik still in trouble as Gallows hammers away in the corner.

A big boot sets up the chinlock, followed by Anderson’s boot to the face for two. Erik gets up and shrugs Anderson away for the hot tag to Ivar so the pace can pick up. The Bronco Buster in the corner connects but a charge into another corner misses, allowing the belly to back neckbreaker to hit for two.

Ivar’s double handspring elbow takes both of them down and the Vikings hit stereo suicide dives as we take another break. Back with Ivar coming in off the second hot tag as everything breaks down. Ivar gets driven into Gallows in the corner for two and Erik adds a spinebuster to Anderson. In what can only be a bad idea, Ivar goes up but misses a moonsault (which would have barely made contact in the first place), allowing Anderson to kick Erik off the apron. The Magic Killer finishes Ivar at 19:26.

Result: OC b. Viking Raiders – Magic Killer to Ivar (19:26)

Take two:

From Raw.

Here are Bobby Lashley and Lana for their celebration. Lana explains what happened last night when Lashley beat Rusev in the tables match. After swooning over how beautiful Lashley is and telling the fans that they’re the ones who suck, Lana pulls out a ring….so Lashley can propose. That’s a no though, because Lashley doesn’t like being told what to do….except her, so he proposes. Lana is so happy that it went like they rehearsed and she says yes a lot.

He takes direction well:

Quick look at Daniel Bryan returning at TLC.

We look at the end of the gauntlet match, plus Seth Rollins attacking Rey Mysterio after the ending, setting up next week’s title match.

And from Raw one more time.

Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles

Orton wastes no time and the early RKO attempt sends AJ bailing to the floor. Back in and Orton starts in on the leg but AJ hits him in the face for a breather. The springboard is cut off but the hanging DDT is countered into the Calf Crushes. Orton makes the long crawl, only to get dragged back into the middle to slap the hold on again. This time Orton makes the rope, though he certainly looked to be tapping when he was missing. Orton bails to the floor but AJ chop blocks the leg out again as we take a break.

Back with AJ still on the knee and kicking Orton down in the corner. Orton drops him onto the buckle though and gets himself a breather. The powerslam plants AJ and the backbreaker out of the corner does the same but Orton hurts the knee even more. Orton’s superplex attempt is broken up and there’s another chop block to take the knee out again.

AJ scores with a Lionsault for two and we’re into an overrun. Orton breaks up another springboard forearm and hits the hanging DDT but the RKO is countered into the Calf Crusher. That’s broken up as well so AJ tries the Phenomenal Forearm, only to dive into the RKO for the pin at 16:32.

Result: Randy Orton b. AJ Styles – RKO (16:32)

It was a big time main event:

Post match the OC runs in to beat down Orton but the Viking Raiders come out for the save. The OC gets the better of it and it’s a Magic Killer to Erik to end the show.

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