Main Event
Date: April 12, 2018
Location: Smoothie King Center, New Orleans, Louisiana
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Percy Watson, Nigel McGuinness

It’s been a busy week so it’s time for something a little bit easier to watch. This time around we’ll have a lot of Wrestlemania to recap but odds are it’s going to be focusing on the fallout editions of Raw and Smackdown. Throw in some cruiserweights with the good guys winning and let’s get to it.

I was in the arena for this show, sitting in the upper deck with the Titantron on my right and the hard cameras across the arena.

Opening sequence.

Mark Andrews vs. Tony Nese

Nese starts in with the power, including a knee to the ribs. Andrews sends him outside for a middle rope moonsault to take over, only to get powered right back down. We hit the torture rack for a few moments until Andrews slips out and starts the sticking and moving. The 619 to the ribs sets up a sitout bulldog for two and Nese is rocked. Andrews stays on the ribs with a double stomp and the shooting star is good for the fast pin at 4:59.

Result: Mark Andrews b. Tony Nese – Shooting star press (4:59)

Quick look at Jeff Hardy returning on Raw.

From Raw.

Jeff Hardy/Finn Balor/Seth Rollins vs. Miz/Miztourage

Miz and Rollins start but let’s hand it off to Axel instead. Rollins kicks both lackeys in the face and it’s off to Jeff for some Poetry in Motion to Axel and Dallas. Finn and Seth play decent Matt’s actually.

Back from a break with Balor coming in and forearming all three villains. Miz offers a distraction though and Dallas decks Balor from behind. Now Miz is glad to come in with a chinlock, followed by the Hennig necksnap from Axel. Dallas drops some knees and grabs a chinlock of his own as we’re not exactly setting any new standards here. Balor finally dropkicks Miz down and the hot tag brings in Jeff to clean house.

A Whisper in the Wind takes down the Miztourage as you can see Rollins getting all charged up on the apron. The diving tag brings in Seth with a springboard clothesline to Miz. Rollins suicide dives onto all three of them for a big crash and we hit a BURN IT DOWN chant. Back in and the superplex into the Falcon Arrow gets two on Miz with Dallas making the save. Finn dives onto Axel and Dallas and the Stomp finishes Miz at 13:56.

Result: Jeff Hardy/Seth Rollins/Finn Balor b. Miz/Miztourage – Stomp to Miz (13:56)

Post match Dallas takes a Twist of Fate, Coup de Grace, Swanton and Stomp. Axel gets a similar treatment and a Stomp to Miz ends the show.

Welcome back.

Jeff Hardy helps Seth Rollins and Finn Bálor push back The Miztourage: Raw, April 9, 2018

Jeff Hardy helps Seth Rollins and Finn Bálor push back The Miztourage: Raw, April 9, 2018

From Raw again.

Here’s Roman Reigns for a chat. He took a beating last night but he’s here while Brock Lesnar isn’t. When he got to the Superdome yesterday, no one could look him in the eye. As of this past Wednesday, Lesnar was done and going to the UFC. Now though they have another match in a cage in Saudi Arabia later this month. That means Reigns can win the title there in a match he found out about on the internet. This brings out Samoa Joe to say Reigns exposed Lesnar last night.

For over a year, Reigns has been saying he’s the only one who can beat Lesnar. It doesn’t matter who couldn’t look at Roman because he’s a failure. It also makes him a liar because he can’t beat Brock Lesnar. Every time the Beast meets the Big Dog, the Big Dog gets conquered. After Lesnar makes Reigns fail again, Samoa Joe will be waiting at Backlash to put him to sleep.

Samoa Joe looks to pick a fight with Roman Reigns at WWE Backlash: Raw April 9, 2018

Samoa Joe looks to pick a fight with Roman Reigns at WWE Backlash: Raw April 9, 2018

Quick package on the debuts from this week.

Lucha House Party vs. TJP/Jack Gallagher/Ariya Daivari

Daivari hammerlocks Dorado to start but gets hurricanranaed and dropkicked for his efforts. A double tag brings in Gallagher and Dorado for the pinfall reversal sequence and Dorado falls forward into a splash. Lince grabs an arm and Kalisto does the same, allowing them to throw Gallagher down in a heap. Daivari offers a distraction though and Jack pulls Kalisto off the ropes for a crash.

Back from a break with Gallagher cranking Kalisto’s arm back ala Pentagon Dark and bringing Daivari in for a double suplex. We hit the chinlock for a bit but Daivari misses the top rope splash. The hot tag brings in Metalik for rope walking into a headscissors. Everything breaks down and it’s a double Golden Rewind to Gallagher and Daivari. Something like a reverse Sling Blade drops TJP and the rope walk elbow ends TJP at 10:24.

Result: Lucha House Party b. TJP/Jack Gallagher/Ariya Daivar – Rope walk elbow to TJP (10:24)

From Raw again.

Here’s Stephanie McMahon, walking very slowly and with her arm in a cast after last night, to open the show. Cole talks about how Ronda Rousey’s debut may be the best debut in Wrestlemania history. Does that mean the best wrestler to debut at Wrestlemania. Stephanie talks about the post Wrestlemania crowd having an international flavor but she expected at least SOME sympathy.

She did tap out last night but the fans have to admit that one woman did everything she could last night and made the transition. Yes Stephanie did make that transition and was amazing so she deserves all the praise. This brings out Rousey to a very nice reception and even Stephanie gives her credit for last night. Rousey is a role model and a superstar and with Stephanie guiding her, they can reach new heights. The fans tell Stephanie to shut the F up so Stephanie calls Rousey her friend….and offers a handshake.

Rousey hugs her and smiles before shifting to the death stare. Stephanie gets taken down by the bad arm and Rousey takes the brace off to crank it back all over again. Referees run in for the late save and Rousey is all smiles. She’s getting better at the facial expressions and really does come off like a star. Medics come out to check on Stephanie and the fans tell her that she deserves it. As she’s leaving, JoJo asks for a little respect for Stephanie. I was hoping that made the broadcast because it made me laugh in my seat.

Freaking ow man!

Ronda Rousey puts Stephanie McMahon in an Armbar: Raw April 9, 2018

Ronda Rousey puts Stephanie McMahon in an Armbar: Raw April 9, 2018

Quick look at Paige being announced as the new Smackdown GM.

And from Smackdown.

AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan

Non-title. AJ takes him to the mat to start and it’s an early standoff. A shoulder block works a bit better and things speed up. Bryan fights out of a test of strength and starts in on the arm with the hard kicks. It’s off to a hammerlock with Bryan bending the arm in a variety of unnatural manners. AJ fights up and it’s the drop down into the dropkick as the fans aren’t sure who they like more. The slingshot forearm to the floor drops Bryan again and we take a break.

Back (after Bryan misses a Swan Dive in the break) with Bryan hitting the running clothesline to set up the YES Kicks. AJ counters the big one with the dragon screw legwhip but Bryan moonsaults over him in the corner. That’s fine with AJ, who moonsaults over him right into the reverse DDT to drop Bryan for two. The Phenomenal Blitz is reversed into a cross armbreaker but AJ rolls over for the break.

Instead it’s the Calf Crusher to work on Bryan’s bad knee but Bryan reverses that into the YES Lock, which is reversed into a rollup for two. A hard clothesline gives AJ two and they’re both winded. Bryan is back up with some hard kicks and it’s time to load up the running knee.

AJ is smart enough to realize that the YES chants mean something is coming and he ducks the knee, only to get pulled into the YES Lock. Dang Bryan will get you one way or another. AJ gets the rope so Bryan puts him in the Tree of Woe for more kicks. A belly to back superplex is reversed into a crossbody….and here’s Nakamura to knee Bryan in the head for the DQ at 12:42.

Result: Daniel Bryan b. AJ Styles via DQ when Shinsuke Nakamura interfered (12:42)

Dreaming of the future.

Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles: SmackDown LIVE, April 10, 2018

Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles: SmackDown LIVE, April 10, 2018

Post match Nakamura abuses Styles’ groin and hits Kinshasa to end the show.

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