Mae Young Classic Episode #3
Date: August 28, 2017
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Jim Ross, Lita

It’s time to start the second half of the first round and I’ve liked the tournament so far. It might not be anything great so far but the talent is there and they’re still in the opening stages, meaning we won’t be seeing any showdowns until the second round. That’s when these things get good but we have to get there first. Let’s get to it.

Mauro recaps and previews us again.

Opening sequence.

Video on Toni Storm, an Australian with an attitude. Oh and a little top hat. She’s also the first Progress Women’s Champion.

Video on Ayesha Raymond, the Deadlift Diva. I think you get the idea here.

Just in case you don’t though:

What makes Ayesha Raymond the "Deadlift Diva"?

What makes Ayesha Raymond the "Deadlift Diva"?

First Round: Toni Storm vs. Ayesha Raymond

No handshake before the match. Raymond is much bigger but the fans are behind Storm. Toni backs out of a headlock and offers a handshake but this time pulls her own hand back when Ayesha goes for it. A running kick to the face sets up some hip attacks to drop Raymond again. Raymond is right back up with a side slam and corner splash as the pace slows. Toni avoids a charge in the corner and grabs a Backstabber as the Aussie fans start up again. A slam off the top puts Storm down but Raymond hops down instead of going after her. The delay lets Toni avoid a top rope splash and grab a rolling cradle for the pin at 4:28.

Result: Toni Storm b. Ayesha Raymond – Rolling cradle (4:28)

Charlotte and Sara Amoto are here.

Video on Kavita Devi, the first Indian woman ever in WWE. She was trained by Great Khali.

Video on Dakota Kai, the girl next girl from New Zealand who can get very serious if necessary.

Here it is from her own mouth.

Dakota Kai isn't your typical girl next door

Dakota Kai isn't your typical girl next door

First Round: Kavita Devi vs. Dakota Kai

The much bigger Devi shoves her around without much effort and then walks the top rope into an armdrag in an athletic display. A second version works just as well Kai’s dropkick has no effect and a gorilla press drop makes things even worse for her. Devi slowly walks around instead of following up though and gets caught with a running boot to the face in the corner. Kai is quickly up top and a double stomp ends Davi at 3:58.

Result: Dakota Kai b. Kavita Devi – Top rope double stomp (3:58)

Rock’s family, including Nia Jax, is here.

Video on Bianca Belair, who is quite the well rounded athlete with a VERY long hair braid that is often used as a weapon.

Video on Sage Beckett, formerly known as Rosie Lottalove. She’s lost something like 150lbs and turned into quite the vicious brawler. Beckett talks about channeling energy to do whatever she needs.

First Round: Sage Beckett vs. Bianca Belair

The power showdown starts early with the bigger Sage (though Bianca is far from small) running her over and getting two off a shoulder. Belair comes back with a dropkick and a hard clothesline for two each as they’re beating each other pretty well here. Something like a running frog splash gets the same and it’s off to a double chickenwing on Sage. Back up and a Bubba Bomb gives Beckett (who was trained by the Dudleys) a near fall of her own and Bianca gets splashed in the corner. Belair gets tied in the Tree of Woe but avoids a Vader Bomb. A shot with the hair braid sets up a spear to send Bianca on at 5:25.

Result: Bianca Belair b. Sage Beckett – Spear (5:25)

Charly Caruso recaps things.

Video on Santana Garrett, who is billed as the Wonder Woman of the tournament and has appeared on NXT (and TNA) before.

Video on Piper Niven, a Scot with some size to her. She’s better known as Viper on the indy scene.

First Round: Santana Garrett vs. Piper Niven

Piper drives her into the corner and gives her a friendly shove to the jaw. The fans are split again as Garrett spins out of a wristlock. Niven easily powers out of something like a Black Widow, only to get kicked in the chest for two. A headscissors drops Niven but she comes right back with a crossbody for a near fall of her own. It’s off to the cravate, which JR compares to bangers and mash or fish and chips.

A clothesline gives Piper too as JR praises her for her simple strategy. Garrett gets two off a DDT and an Eat Defeat but a bulldog is broken up. Piper’s running splash gets two but she gets caught on top with a running strike to the face. The fans are WAY into these near falls and Santana’s superkick makes it even better. She misses a moonsault though and a backsplash sets up the Michinoku Driver to end Garrett at 7:10.

Result: Piper Niven b. Santana Garrett – Michinoku Driver (7:10)

The recap and preview finish things off.

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