Lucha Underground
Date: June 8, 2016
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro

We’re coming off a big show last week where Prince Puma came close to turning heel without actually doing it and Cage came very close to defeating Matanza for the Lucha Underground Title. With Cage’s shot out of the way, it’s time to crown a new Gift of the Gods Champion in a process that may begin tonight. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Jack Evans vs. dragons, Cortez Castro and Joey Ryan as undercover cops and the fall and rise of Pentagon Jr.

Black Lotus comes in to see Dario Cueto and tells him that Dragon Azteca. Jr. knows where Matanza is kept. She stopped him from killing Matanza but if Dario is lying about what happened to her family, she’ll have to deal with everyone. Dario brings up Ultima Lucha Dos and says she’ll be facing Dragon Azteca Jr. so her parents can finally rest in peace.

Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome us to the show and tell us that Ultima Lucha is in four weeks.

Tonight there will be a six on six tag match and the winners will face each other in a six way match next week for a title opportunity at Ultima Lucha.

Marty Martinez vs. Killshot

Before the match, Marty taunts Killshot with the stolen dog tags and earns himself a quick beating. It actually only lasts a few seconds until Marty comes back and pounds Killshot’s head into the barricade before laughing like a crazy man. The referee stops the count for no apparent reason but a whip into the announcers’ table is enough to end this at 1:14 in a double countout.

Result: Killshot vs. Marty Martinez went to a double countout (1:14)

Killshot, still with his gear on, kicks Marty’s legs out from underneath him and gets the dog tags back. Apparently he’s not that bright though as Marty sneaks up on him and takes the tags away again.

Castro and Ryan go in to interrogate Cisco with Ryan as the bad cop. The lieutenant comes in to say Cisco should just confess now. When that’s refused, the lieutenant also offers to wear a wire. Apparently Cueto is accused of drug trafficking, money smuggling and murder. On top of that though, she thinks he’s the linchpin to the end of days.

Jack Evans/PJ Black vs. Aerostar/Drago

This is a nunchuck match, meaning there are a bunch of them hanging around the Temple for use though you win by pinfall or submission. Evans insists on being introduced as the Dragon Slayer. Striker says we can add these four names to a list including Daredevil, Moon Knight and Michelangelo. Aerostar and Black fight to the floor but Aerostar quickly comes back in to be catapulted into a sunset flip, only to launch Evans into a clothesline.

A double slam gets two on Jack but PJ gets in a brainbuster on Drago for no cover. Evans springboards into a double stomp on Aerostar’s back and it’s time to go after the weapons, only to have the good guys coming in for the quick save. Evans holds the ropes open so Black can dive on both of them, followed by a moonsault to take them out again.

Jack gets the first set of nunchucks from above the entrance and it’s Aerostar taking the first beating. Drago kicks Evans in the head though and grabs another set of nunchucks to take over, followed by a running flip dive to drop the villains. They wind up on top of Dario’s office (that must drive him crazy) but Jack would rather dive off onto Black to avoid taking a beating from Aerostar…..who dives down to take them out anyway. Back in and Drago just beats the fire out of Jack with the nunchucks and blows mist into his eyes, setting up the Dragon’s Tail for the pin at 7:57.

Result: Aerostar/Drago b. Jack Evans/PJ Black – Dragon’s Tail to Evans (7:57)

Prince Puma/The Mack/Texano/Sexy Star/Son of Havoc/Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Fenix/King Cuerno/Ivelisse/Taya/Johnny Mundo/Chavo Guerrero

The winning team will face off next week with the winner of that getting the Lucha Underground Title shot at Ultima Lucha Dos. Actually hang on a second as here’s Pentagon Jr. in a wheelchair to say that Chavo was the only one who helped him but now it’s time to destroy Chavo. Pentagon gets up and throws him into the apron and superkicks him down before breaking his arm.

Back from a break before the bell but we’re still not ready as Dario and Black Lotus come out. Dario asks if the fans want Pentagon to take Chavo’s place and is of course told yes. That’s fine with Dario but he warns Pentagon of the long term consequences. Pentagon has no fear so ring the bell.

Prince Puma/The Mack/Texano/Sexy Star/Son of Havoc/Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Fenix/King Cuerno/Ivelisse/Taya/Johnny Mundo/Pentagon Jr.

One fall to a finish. Star sneaks up on Taya with a quick rollup for two and spins out of a hair drag with a cartwheel. Taya is sent outside for a tag off to Ivelisse, who gets to face Son of Havoc. A few kicks and a small package get two on Havoc and it’s time for a staredown. Pentagon tags himself in and the fans are far more interested in a hurry. Mack comes in and misses a charge, allowing Pentagon to kick him in the ribs.

A Backstabber out of the corner drops Mack again for no cover as Pentagon would rather hit a LOUD chop up against the ropes. Fenix comes in with a missile dropkick for two on Mack but he just runs Fenix over with a Pounce. It’s off to Mysterio but his head is kicked into the third row by Cuerno. Somehow this match hasn’t been as insane as I was expecting. Rey comes back with a bulldog for two but Mundo (still in his sunglasses) makes a quick save.

Texano throws Rey into a hurricanrana before getting two on Cuerno off a middle rope leg lariat. An armdrag allows the tag off to Mundo (who Vampiro mistakes for Taya) and it’s Taya coming in to save him from a superplex. That’s fine with Texano as he sends her face first between Mundo’s legs to put them both down. Puma comes in but Johnny throws him into his partners as things start breaking down.

Cuerno hits his suicide dive to take out Texano, leaving Taya to miss a charge at Ivelisse and go into the post. Star dives over the top and onto a big pile, followed by Ivelisse doing the same. Pentagon and Mack chop it out inside until Mack exploder suplexes him outside. Now it’s Mack diving over the top to take Pentagon out followed by Puma flip diving onto too many people to name.

Fenix dives onto all of them as well but Rey’s attempt is broken up by Mundo. Puma starts firing off some kicks to Johnny, setting up Rey’s 619, only to have Mundo send Rey into Puma in the corner. A super Spanish Fly plants Puma for the three count at 12:55, sending his team to the #1 contenders match next week.

Result: Johnny Mundo/King Cuerno/Taya/Ivelisse/Prince Puma/Fenix b. Son of Havoc/Sexy Star/Prince Puma/Rey Mysterio Jr./Texano/The Mack – Super Spanish Fly to Puma (12:55)

Catrina is in King Cuerno’s office and uses the stone to bring King Cuerno back to life again.

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