Lucha Underground
Date: June 15, 2016
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

We’re approaching Ultima Lucha Dos with just a few weeks to go and the company has turned it’s attention to the big show. Last week six people won a tag match to set up a six way elimination tonight for a shot at the Lucha Underground Title in (probably) the main event of Ultima Lucha Dos. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap focuses on the undercover cops, Pentagon’s destruction and rebuilding, Mil Muertes coming back to life again and tonight’s six man match.

Pentagon Jr. vs. King Cuerno vs. Ivelisse vs. Taya vs. Johnny Mundo vs. Fenix

No tags of course and this is under elimination rules. Johnny and Taya double team Ivelisse to start with the Moonlight Drive and a swinging Rock Bottom getting two each, only to have Fenix come in with some kicks. What’s Up with Pentagon playing D-Von gets two on Johnny as Taya makes a questionable save. We get the big showdown between Pentagon and Cuerno with the former being sent out to the floor.

Johnny takes him out with a dive as well, only to have Cuerno and Fenix throw Ivelisse on top of everyone else. Back inside, Cuerno snaps off a super reverse hurricanrana on Fenix but here’s Mil Muertes to spear Cuerno down. Muertes adds a powerbomb and Mundo hits the End of the World for the elimination at 4:20.

Back from a break with Fenix refusing to fight Ivelisse as the other three go at it on the floor. Fenix still won’t fight so Taya gets in, allowing Johnny to kick Ivelisse down. That’s fine with Ivelisse who kicks Taya down and snaps off a hurricanrana on Johnny. Taya slams Ivelisse but misses a moonsault. A double stomp to Ivelisse’s chest lets Taya pin Ivelisse at 12:24 as we take a second break.

Back with all four brawling in the ring with Pentagon giving Taya Shattered Dreams and then slapping her chest up against the ropes. Vampiro stares at Pentagon as he kicks Taya in various places. Johnny wants Pentagon inside for a fight and they trade big forearms. Taya grabs Pentagon’s foot though and the Flying Chuck drops him with ease.

That just allows Fenix to come back in for some kicks to the head before Taya tornado armdrags Pentagon down. The heels stomp the good guys down as the fans cheer for Pentagon. Taya’s double knees in the corner stagger Pentagon but he pops right back up with a package piledriver to get rid of Taya at 21:46.

We take a third break with Fenix, Johnny and Pentagon staring each other down and chopping in a circle. A spinebuster plants Fenix for two as Pentagon is sent out to the floor. Fenix sends Johnny outside for a dive, followed by Pentagon hitting one of his own to take both guys down. Pentagon and Fenix chop things off until Fenix gets a running start for a headscissors. Not to be outdone, Johnny busts out a corkscrew dive off the top to put down the masked ones.

Back in and Johnny’s corkscrew shooting star gets two on Fenix, followed by a standing C4 for the same. Pentagon puts Johnny on top so Fenix can jump very high for a big double stomp. Johnny is down so Pentagon tries to roll Fenix up, only to land on Johnny to get rid of Mundo at 30:22.

Another break brings us back to “a garden of violence” according to Striker. They stare each other down and Pentagon lets him have the first shot. Pentagon throws him into the air for a crash and brings the Haas of Pain out of mothballs for a near submission. Fenix gets out and puts on something like a kneeling Texas Cloverleaf. That goes nowhere so Pentagon grabs what looks like a Tombstone, only to tie Fenix’s legs up and bend his back.

Fenix is out as well and grabs a Dragon Sleeper before going with the springboard twisting Pentagon bails to the floor and gets taken down by a big corkscrew dive. Back in and Pentagon sends him into the corner for a big kick to take over again. Fenix catches a charge in the corner but Pentagon gets his legs around Fenix’s head for a swinging piledriver of all things.

Fenix springboards into a super hurricanrana for two and even Vampiro is stunned at the kickout. The fans aren’t sure who to cheer for until Pentagon scores with back Sling Blades. Fenix scores with a superkick and both guys are down. They head to the apron for a superkick from Pentagon, followed by a Canadian Destroyer to the floor of all things. Both guys slowly get back in and Fenix scores with a backbreaker for two more. They slug it out from their knees with Fenix getting the better of it, only to dive into the package piledriver for the pin at 52:11.

Result: Pentagon Jr. b. Fenix, King Cuerno, Ivelisse, Taya and Johnny Mundo – Package piledriver to Fenix (52:11)

Matanza and Dario appear at the entrance so Pentagon can threaten to break every one of Matanza’s bones to end the show.


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