Those are just awesome. Every now and then, you see a character in wrestling who catches your attention like no other. Fans can tell that they are going to be in for something that they have not seen before who lets you see a new direction for a character. Some of these are just downright awesome and it turns out that we almost saw two very different versions of two popular characters.

Kyle. A Scarborough, a tattoo artist who helped design the Fiend’s mask, has tweeted out two pieces of concept art for characters who almost made it to WWE television. First up was a mixture of a mask/makeup that Alexa Bliss would have worn as a female version of the Fiend. The other is what would have been a humanoid Huskus the Pig, as an idea had been pitched to have the Firefly Fun House characters come to life, but only with Bray Wyatt playing them. Neither ever made it to television and Wyatt has been released from the company.

This could have been wacky. Check out the inspirations for everyone involved:

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Opinion: These do look rather cool and it would have been nice to see them getting on television at some point. That being said, I can also get how having something as insane as a pig puppet taking on humanoid form might have been a few steps too far for a wrestling show. It could have been cool, but at the same time it could have also been a bit too far and maybe that is why we never saw it make television.

What do you think of the art? How would this have gone in WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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