Maybe it can calm things down a bit. The world is in a weird place at the moment with almost everything flying all over the place. That is the kind of thing that is going to leave people looking for a way to make things better and it isn’t clear how long it will take for that to happen. Until then, people are looking for nice moments wherever they can find them and we may have an idea where that is coming from at the moment.

Whether you like him or not, there is no denying the fact that Enzo Amore could talk with the best of them. He had a way with words like few others and that is the kind of thing that can keep you around for a long time. While he isn’t as big of a deal in wrestling these days, Amore has since moved on to the world of music, where he is trying to use his talents to make the current situation a little better.

He has some chops. Check out Amore’s latest effort:

Amore, under his music name Real1, has released a new song called COVID19 Anthem, a rap/rock song about the spread of the virus and how the world can cope with it. The song was released on Amore’s Real1 YouTube channel. Amore has released several songs since his release from WWE, though he has only wrestled three matches, all against Brian Pillman Jr., since leaving the company in January 2018.

Amore has released a few other songs. Check them out in their glory:

Opinion: Of course your individual tastes on this may vary but it’s nice to see someone trying to do something in this time. Maybe this helps some people or maybe it just helps Amore get through the situation. It isn’t hurting anyone involved and that is what matters most in this situation. If it helps anything at all then it’s a good thing and hopefully that is the case for everyone involved.

What did you think of the song? Will Amore wrestle again? Let us know in the comments below.

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