It can happen to anyone. While it may not seem to be the case, wrestlers are humans and have the same problems as other run of the mill people. Some of these problems are worse than others and some are more serious than others. That can lead to some serious issues if they are not handled properly and that might be the case with some people in the wrestling industry.

Every now and then, wrestlers get in legal issues. These stories are often rather hard to hear about, especially when it is something that keeps happening to someone over and over. Sometimes the only solution is to have them be forced to make things better in one way or another. This can often come after multiple court appearances, and now we know when more of those will be taking place for various wrestlers.

Three wrestlers have received updates on their legal status, including some whose court appearances have been postponed again. Here are the current legal statuses on three wrestlers:

Jeff HardyAccording to, Hardy’s court date pushed back until July 16. Hardy was arrested in Moore County, North Carolina on October 3, 2019 for Driving While Impaired. He has wrestled for WWE since then, but has not been seen on WWE TV since March 13, 2020. WWE has been hyping his return over recent weeks.

Teddy Hart According to, Hart’s court date has also been pushed back until July 16. Hart was pulled over in Richmond, Virginia on February 12 and charged with possession of a schedule III narcotic, believed to be steroids, with intention to sell or distribute.

After being released to house arrest, Hart was kicked out of an apartment arranged for him by a fellow wrestler. Hart was also arrested on March 26 when fellow wrestler Ace Montana threw him out of an apartment for allegedly attacking his girlfriend, fellow wrestler Maria Manic. Those charges may have been dropped due to Manic not being willing to press charges.

Van HammerAccording to, former WCW wrestler Van Hammer plead not guilty to driving under the influence in Boynton Beach, Florida on January 26 when he hit a five year old boy on a bicycle. The boy was knocked off his bicycle and injured, leading to Van Hammer being charged with a felony hit and run with injuries to another person and leaving the scene of a crash. Van Hammer is currently free on bond.

These are rather serious. Check out a little less serious trial:

Opinion: There is no good way to spin something like this as all three situations sound rather serious. At least in Hardy’s case, he seems to have gotten some help and hopefully that is the kind of thing that can help prevent this situation from happening again. I have no idea how any of these cases are going to go but what matters most is making sure they don’t happen again, however that is best accomplished.

What is next for Hardy in WWE? Will he ever be a champion again? Let us know in the comments below.

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