Yeah he’ll do, he’s fine. With the rash of illnesses and roster switches as of late, WWE has been under the gun in the last few days. One of the latest pair of switches have been AJ Styles replacing Bray Wyatt against Finn Balor at “Tables Ladders and Chairs 2017” and Kevin Owens having to leave a tour of South America due to personal reasons. That leaves a big hole in the “Smackdown Live” roster but it’s been partially filled.

As announced on his Twitter page, HHH will be replacing Owens on a house show in Chile. This is HHH’s first match since “Wrestlemania XXXIII” when he lost to Seth Rollins.

HHH and Owens certainly have history together.

Kevin Owens is the new WWE Universal Champion! - Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match: Raw, Aug. 29, 2016

While not confirmed, it seems that HHH will be facing United States Champion Baron Corbin, who has called HHH out on Twitter before their match.

Finally, Owens has confirmed that he left the tour due to personal reasons, meaning that he is neither sick nor injured.

Opinion: This is an unfortunate circumstance that seems to have been rectified as well as it could have been. HHH is quite the replacement for anyone as he’s a major star and a legitimate attraction. I’d like to think that most fans will understand that Owens needs to be with his family and will be happy to see one of the biggest stars ever instead.

What do you think of HHH as a replacement? Who would you like to see him face? Let us know in the comments below.


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