There’s the other shoe. Jim Cornette is a lot of things in wrestling and unfortunately not all of them are positive. He has one of the finest wrestling knowledges of all time but he can also go a little too far at times, which is going to be a problem at one point or another. In Cornette’s case it tends to happen pretty often and that was the situation again this week in regards to a comment Cornette made on NWA Powerrr. Things did not go well, and now the fallout has taken place.

After the statement made by Cornette on this week’s Powerrr, the NWA has announced that Cornette has resigned from the company. The statement goes on to say that there will be new procedures put in place to make sure that something like this does not happen again, though there is no explanation for what those safeguards will be. This is not Cornette’s first brush with controversy on the show, as he was reprimanded for statements involving suicide as well as statements regarding AEW ring announcer Justin Roberts.

Various wrestling personalities have chimed in on the situation. Here are replies from Cornette, Paige and Renee Young, the latter two of whom are replying to the same tweet:

It was a good episode of Powerrr too. Check out the full show:

Opinion: This is one of those situations where Cornette comes off looking out of touch and based on his tweet, there isn’t much in the way of apologizing about the whole thing either. That is the kind of thing that has happened over and over again with Cornette and I don’t see him changing anytime soon. Cornette has an incredible knowledge of wrestling and knows how to tell a great story, but there is no excusing this and the punishment was something that had to happen.

Did Cornette deserve to be fired? When will he work in wrestling again? Let us know in the comments below.

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