It was nice to meet you. Commentary is one of the most important parts of any wrestling show. The broadcasters have a variety of jobs, including guiding the fans through the matches and stories that the company is trying to tell. In short, you need them to tell you what is going on at the moment and guide you through everything that you might be looking for. Now, that role is changing in a hurry.

Earlier this fall, Monday Night Raw debuted a new commentator named Dio Maddin as part of the show’s revamp. Maddin was a new name to most of the WWE, as he had only broadcast a handful of shows leading up to his debut on Monday Night Raw. However, he was attacked by Brock Lesnar only a few weeks later and has not appeared since. Now we know what is going on.

It was a heck of a beatdown. Check out Maddin getting destroyed:

This week on WWE Backstage, Ryan Satin announced that Maddin is returning to the WWE Performance Center to continue to attempt his wrestling career. This will end his time as a Monday Night Raw commentator, but Samoa Joe will be replacing him until he is cleared to return from his hand injury. Samoa Joe has done commentary in recent weeks, including this week’s Monday Night Raw. There is no word on who will replace Samoa Joe when he is medically cleared.

He certainly seemed eager. Check out Maddin on his first day on the job:

Opinion: Honestly, this makes a ton of sense. Why in the world would you have someone so new to the job in such a prominent role? Or why would you have a 27 year old 6’7 former NFL player on commentary instead of seeing what he can do in the ring? This makes some more sense, and it’s not like Maddin was terrible at commentary. I don’t even know if you can call it a failed experiment, but it seems to be over before it even really got started.

What did you think of Maddin? Who should be the permanent replacement? Let us know in the comments below.

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