That’s what they want. A crowd is one of the most important parts of a wrestling show. With so many different people involved in a wrestling show, it can help to give the wrestlers some kind of feedback. Without a crowd reacting in some way, the wrestlers may not know how the people are responding to what they were doing.. Things have gotten even more complicated thanks to the Coronavirus, but WWE has some plans for how to keep things going.

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way wrestling works as there has not been a significant crowd in person for a WWE event in over a year. This can make things rather awkward, though the Thunderdome virtual crowd has helped. It is not entirely the same though, as the people on the screens are given a bit of a push in certain directions. That was the case earlier this week.

According to, a WWE fan who has been a regular source of information since the Thunderdome began, reported that fans were told to boo Randy Orton during this week’s Monday Night Raw. This was the only segment where the fans were to have any specific reaction. During the segment, Orton called out the Fiend and teased setting him on fire again, only to hit him with an RKO instead. An Alexa Bliss distraction allowed the Fiend to lay Orton out and then set up a match between the two of them for WrestleMania.

Would you boo? Check out the segment itself:

Randy Orton summons The Fiend: Raw, Mar. 22, 2021

Opinion: I’m not sure what to think of this one but the idea of Orton being the villain in the whole thing is kind of hard to wrap my head around. It is something that could work out, if nothing else because Orton is that much better as a heel. The Fiend being cheered is almost hard to imagine, but maybe they will figure out a way to make the whole thing work out.

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