The northern version. If there’s one thing that Impact Wrestling has changed in the last few months, it has been the introduction of various other wrestling promotions from around the world. It’s no longer rare to see wrestlers from Japan, Canada, Mexico or other places showing up on Impact Wrestling or Impact Wrestling going there for matches and shows. That was the case this weekend as Impact Wrestling is being taped north of the border for a change of pace.

How did we get where they’re going? Check out this week’s Impact Wrestling results to find out.

Impact Wrestling was in Windsor, Ontario, Canada this weekend for a television taping. At the moment there is no word on when these shows will air, though they don’t seem to be the traditional longer form tapings. The shows will features both local wrestlers as well as the regular stars of Impact Wrestling. Either way, this show will be part of the build towards the Slammiversary pay per view on July 22. Here are the results, courtesy of by way of

* Gama Singh came in and cut a pre-match promo about India being #1 in everything. Desi Hit Squad came out and had their match vs. Z&E. He distracted the ref after Everett hit his big moonsault and got the rollup win.

* Trevor Lee v. Rich Swann was great. Swann got the win.

* D’Angelo Williams had an interview, interrupted by Austin Aries and got beat by a chair.

* Eli Drake beat Grado.

* Eddie Edwards interrupted a match between Xavier and Everett before it even started with a kendo stick and cut a promo on Tommy Dreamer.

* Madison Rayne promo interrupted by Tessa, Su Yung’s screams hit and Tessa knocked Rayne out with a surprise hook.

* Madison Rayne v. Tessa Blanchard, Rayne wins and Tessa gets a post match beat down.

* Tag match of Madison Rayne and Allie v. Su Yung and a bridesmaid. Tessa runs in while the ref was knocked and beat down Rayne but Allie fought her off. They got the win on the bridesmaid.

* Sami Callahan and OVE also beat the hell out of Sam Osborne. They put Pentagon Jr.’s mask on him and beat him bad. Turned a match into kinda a promo.

* Austin Aries vs. Aiden Prince was a good match. They fought after and Prince sent the fans home happy.

* Kongo Kong and Matt Sydal beat two locals.

* Dezmond Xavier beat Phil Atlas.

Opinion: While it’s cool to see some fresh names included, I really hope that we’re not going to spend most of the time focusing on the outside talent. I know Impact Wrestling likes to bring in some fresh talent, but at times they spend way too much time focusing on everyone other than their regular talent. That’s the same problem that Ring of Honor had for a long time and it’s the same issue: I watch the show to see Impact Wrestling names, not everyone else that they can bring in.

Which of these stories interests you most? What do you see for the Slammiversary card? Let us know in the comments below.

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