Impact Wrestling
Date: June 17, 2021
Location: Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Josh Matthews, D’Lo Brown

We are done with Against All Odds and the big story is Kenny Omega retaining the World Title over Moose, with Sami Callihan appearing after the match. Don Callis fired Callihan, which seems like it could be quite the story on the road to Slammiversary. There is about a month to go before the show and that means there is time to set things up. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at Don Callis and Kenny Omega taking over the company and people getting worried about it. Omega retained the title over Moose at Against All Odds but almost got taken out by Sami Callihan. Callis interrupted it and fired Callihan, sending things even further into chaos.

Moose comes up to Scott D’Amore and says he got screwed out of the title at Against All Odds and wants a rematch. D’Amore is too worried about an Anthem representation showing up here to deal with things, because that has never been done before. Moose promises to make D’Amore pay attention.

TJP vs. Black Taurus

Fallah Bahh and Decay are here too. TJP avoids a charge in the corner to start and snaps off some armdrags into an early standoff. A headbutt puts TJP down for a change and the chinlock goes on in a hurry. Taurus hits a pumphandle backbreaker for two and it’s time to crank on both arms for a bit.

Something like a torture rack dropped into a backbreaker gets two as Josh rapid fires the results from Against All Odds. TJP manages a hurricanrana into an atomic drop as the pace picks up, including a running boot in the corner to rock Taurus again. There’s a tornado DDT to send Taurus bailing to the floor, allowing TJP to hit the dive (which knocks Bahh down as well). Back in and the Mamba Splash finishes Taurus at 6:04.

Result: TJP b. Black Taurus – Mamba Splash (6:04)

Post match Moose grabs a chair and says this show is being hijacked until Scott D’Amore makes time for him. Security guards come out but Moose says none of them are Scott. Cue the returning Chris Sabin to clear Moose (who injured him) out and Moose bails.

Rohit Raju rants to Ace Austin and Madman Fulton about Ultimate X returning at Slammiversary. An alliance seems to be made.

Chris Sabin doesn’t like Moose and the challenge is on for Slammiversary.

Commentary recaps Callis/Callihan/D’Amore/Anthem.

Here’s what’s coming tonight.

Madman Fulton vs. Josh Alexander

Non-title and Ace Austin is in Fulton’s corner. Fulton powers Alexander around to start and hits the early toss suplex. Alexander gets pulled outside for a drop onto the apron and a big boot as we take a break. Back with Fulton hitting Snake Eyes to set up a claw STO for two. Austin gets in a cheap shot on the apron but Alexander stops a charging Fulton with a boot to the face. A middle rope knee to the knee to the head sets up a roaring elbow to rock Fulton again. The Jay Driller gives Alexander the pin at 9:36.

Result: Josh Alexander b. Madman Fulton – Jay Driller (9:36)

Post match Ace Austin comes in for the beatdown but Petey Williams makes the save. Rohit Raju, Trey Miguel and Shera come out in a row, with Shera cleaning house so the villains can stand tall.

Deonna Purrazzo yells at Kimber Lee and Susan because they keep failing. Susan says she wouldn’t be champion without them so Purrazzo walks off. Susan: “Ungrateful degenerate millennial!”

W. Morrissey thinks everyone around here is dumb enough to think they have friends. Everyone will stab you in the back and the only person you can trust is yourself.

Steve Maclin vs. Jason Page

Maclin is formerly known as Steve Cutler. Chops and a back elbow have Page in early trouble and Maclin drops him stomach first across the top rope. Page’s right hands just earn him a clothesline and some elbows keep him in trouble. A reverse sitout Edgecution finishes Page at 1:54.

Result: Steve Maclin b. Jason Page – Reverse sitout Edgecution (1:54)

Rachael Ellering talks to Jordynne Grace about how rough things have been as of late. Grace doesn’t want to hear it though and the team seems to be done.

Don Callis explains that he and Scott D’Amore are like brothers who happen to fight from time to time. He had to do the heavy lifting that D’Amore can’t do, like firing Callihan. They’ve talked about doing it a hundred times but D’Amore couldn’t bring himself to do it. Callis expects the Anthem representative to bring gifts because he did what should have been done a long time ago.

Tenille Dashwood vs. Rachael Ellering

Kaleb With A K is here with Dashwood, who offers Ellering a shirt with the two of them together. That’s tossed to the floor and we’re ready to go. Ellering works on a wristlock to start and puts Dashwood on the mat to stay on the arm. A front facelock keeps Dashwood down and it’s right back to the armbar. Dashwood switches into a headscissors, which is countered straight into a chinlock.

Back up and a running shoulder drops Dashwood and a running clothesline hits her in the corner. Kaleb With A K grabs the foot though and Dashwood finally gets in a few shots of her own. Dashwood sends her outside for a chop, with Kaleb With A K getting in a quick photo. A hard whip sends Ellering into the barricade and a high crossbody gives Dashwood two back inside.

Ellering manages a suplex into a Sling Blade to start the comeback and there’s a backsplash for two. Dashwood hits a heck of a clothesline for two more but Ellering plants her with a spinebuster. Back up and Dashwood talks a bit too much trash, causing Ellering to hammer her into the corner. A middle rope spinning legdrop connects but Kaleb With A K offers a distraction, allowing Dashwood to crucifix her for the pin at 15:21.

Result: Tenille Dashwood b. Rachael Ellering – Crucifix (15:21)

TJP and Fallah Bahh try to talk to Scott D’Amore but Decay interrupt. They aren’t happy with the result from earlier so a tag match is set up.

Fire N Flava brag about retaining the Knockouts Tag Team Titles and go ask a janitor if he knows who they are. This doesn’t go well for the janitor so they go off to a guy pushing a big barrel of trash bags. Rosemary comes up to get on them for being mean and here is Havok to throw Kiera Hogan inside. One of the black trash bags says MICKIE.

Flashback Moment Of The Week: Chris Sabin b. Bully Ray to win the World Title at Destination X 2013.

Satoshi Kojima vs. Rhino

If Kojima wins, he and Eddie Edwards get a Tag Team Title match. Therefore, Violent By Design and Edwards are here too. Rhino shoves him down to start and a shoulder drops Kojima again. Back up and Kojima’s forearms don’t have much effect as Rhino puts him down with another shoulder. Another set of forearms into an elbow finally put Rhino down and we take an early break.

Back with Rhino knocking him down again and getting two off an elbow to the face. The neck crank goes on but Kojima fights up to send Rhino into the corner. A running forearm gives Kojima two and a DDT drops Rhino again. The Koji Cutter is countered into a belly to belly but Kojima is right back up. Now the Koji Cutter can connect and the lariat is enough to finish Rhino at 10:43.

Result: Satoshi Kojima b. Rhino – Lariat (10:43)

Commentary goes for their preview for next week but here is Sami Callihan in the ring to demand Don Callis and Scott D’Amore get out here right now. Post break, security is trying to get rid of him but D’Amore comes out to say he is here to fix things. The Anthem representative is here and can do something about it, but Sami is kind of proving Callis’ point. Callihan storms off and here is Callis to say he fired Callihan for D’Amore. They are too smart to be wrestling anymore and Callis fired Callihan because D’Amore wouldn’t do it.

D’Amore loses it and here is Tommy Dreamer to interrupt. D’Amore and Callis say this isn’t a good time but Dreamer says that he’s here on Anthem’s behalf. Callihan is back and someone else has to be fired. D’Amore freaks out but Callis is the one being fired. Callis goes on a crazed rant and calls D’Amore a Bruce Prichard stooge. Dreamer: “There’s a trash bag in the back waiting on you.”

Callis goes to the back and runs into Callihan, who promises to bash Kenny Omega’s head in.

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