Well that’s a twist. Over the last three months, there are very few angles on Monday Night Raw which have received as much attention as the Rusev/Lana/Bobby Lashley love triangle. While the story may not be the most popular in the world with some audiences, it has found some strong success on YouTube, with a group of fans certainly being interested in what is being presented. Now though, a big twist has taken place.

The big story for the last Monday Night Raw of 2019 was a wedding between Lana and Lashley, with Rusev giving them his blessing so that he could get away from Lana for good. Given that it was a wrestling wedding though, it was clear that something was going to go wrong. The question was what, but I’m not sure if anyone could have guessed how wrong it wound up going.

This week’s Monday Night Raw ended with the wedding, which was interrupted by both Lana and Lashley’s first husbands, neither of whom were named. After they were disposed of, Liv Morgan came to the ring and announced that she and Lana were in love and had been in a relationship during the year. Lana attacked her, followed by Rusev jumping out of a large cake to attack Lashley, with Morgan attacking Lana to end the show.

It was quite the spectacle. Check out how this week’s Monday Night Raw came to a close:


Opinion: I’m not sure where this is leading but it was certainly a huge angle to wrap up the decade. Morgan’s return has been teased for weeks now and it is nice that they finally got somewhere with her. That being said, putting her in an angle like this, which has not been well received in the first place, may not be the best idea in the world. At least it is something different though, and that is better than nothing.

How do you see the angle going? When will it wrap up? Let us know in the comments below.

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