Can you blame them? In a way, wrestling is like any other industry, in that there are always going to be people on opposite sides. No matter what happens or what someone does, there is going to be someone else who does not like what they chose to do. That can be a major problem for a wrestler, but at the same time, it can help if you are the kind of star with some extra value. That may be the case in AEW.

In about a year and a half of existence, AEW has managed to bring in several big names from either WWE or elsewhere in the wrestling world. As you might expect, the WWE names tend to carry the most importance as they are going to be the best known. There are other names with their own notoriety who either are not part of WWE or have not been part of it in a long time. That does not mean they are popular though, and some AEW wrestlers may have gotten in trouble for associating with them.

In a new interview on Inside The Ropes with Kenny McIntosh, FTR revealed that they were not well received in the AEW locker room after appearing on Jim Cornette’s podcast in June. Cornette has been critical of AEW throughout its existence but has made his appreciation of the Revival well known. Despite the heat they received from the locker room, FTR said that they did not mind the reaction as they were trying to get more attention on AEW and make the company more money as a result.

It’s a good story. Check out the clip and the Cornette podcast:

Opinion: This is an interesting but not quite so surprising result, as Cornette has made his general disdain for AEW well known. He has always liked FTR though and seems to still like them despite their move to AEW. I’m not sure if this is going to be any kind of a problem long term as it isn’t like they are on the show regularly, but also because FTR is that good of a tag team that AEW can probably overlook the whole thing.

What do you think of FTR? When will they win the Tag Team Titles? Let us know in the comments below.

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