Part of a balanced breakfast. For some reason, there is nothing the New Day touches that won’t turn to gold. They’ve had a book, a slew of catchphrases, several t-shirts, their own cereal, and they’ve even hosted WrestleMania (though I still want to know why they didn’t have the ice cream for sale). Now they’re on to pancakes, but this time they might be one up on the ice cream.

In an interview with, New Day member Big E. mentioned that the team is trying to sell pancakes in some form. They’re currently talking to people in licensing about making the project come together. There is no word on if or when this will actually happen. At the moment, New Day’s BootyO’s cereal is available both at FYE stores and on FYE’s website. Here are Big E.’s comments:

“We’ve definitely explored trying to do something in that vain. Cereal is easier. Right now our cereal is at FYE and … We’re talking to people in licensing for a way for this pancake nonsense to be available to our fans.”

I don’t think Sanity will be customers.

SAnitY wreck New Day's 1st Annual Third of July Pancake Eating Contest: SmackDown LIVE, July 3, 2018

Opinion: You know what? Why not? It’s not like they haven’t been able to make everything else work. Maybe this will be their first failure, or maybe it never even happens at all. Either way, it’s a discussion of a group of wrestlers trying to sell pancakes of all things and making it seem like it might be a viable idea. That’s such an insane level of ability and something that only New Day could do. Well done, as odd as it certainly seems.

Would you buy a New Day pancake? Will they manage to make this work? Let us know in the comments below.

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