Shake shake shake. This week’s episode of “Monday Night Raw” saw the first half of the Superstar Shakeup. What is basically another version of the Draft saw a host of stars coming from “Smackdown Live” to “Monday Night Raw”, including some names in a variety of divisions.

Here’s the full list of names that were added to “Monday Night Raw” in order of their appearance. There is no word on if these names are guaranteed to stay on “Monday Night Raw” as they could be sent back to “Smackdown Live” as part of a Tuesday night trade. There is also a chance that some names could be added to this list later in the night.

Apollo Crews (announced before the show)
Dean Ambrose
Curt Hawkins
Bray Wyatt
Heath Slater
Elias Samson (seen walking through the crowd earlier but not acknowledged/confirmed at the time)
Alexa Bliss
Mickie James

Check out our full results to see how these names arrived.

Opinion: It’s kind of hard to know what this means for “Monday Night Raw” as so many names are going to go to “Smackdown Live”, meaning we have almost no idea what the final rosters are going to look like. This definitely adds a lot of talent to Mondays but a lot of people are going to have to change over (possibly the entire Cruiserweight division) as there’s WAY too much going on at the moment and a lot of names won’t be able to make “Monday Night Raw” every week.

Which pick do you like most? Or the least for that matter? Let us know win the comments below.


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