Violence never solved anything, especially in wrestling. WrestleCon is an interesting place for a wrestling fan. With well over 200 wrestling names in attendance, there’s the chance to meet a lot of famous personalities, but there are benefits for the wrestlers as well. In addition to the obvious perk of making a lot of money (especially for some of the names who haven’t been in the public eye for a long time), the convention serves as a big reunion. However, that’s not always the best case scenario.

This is the kind of odd meeting that might take place at WrestleCon.

Penta & Fenix meet Stonecold Steve Austin

According to, Davey Boy Smith Jr. is wanted by New Orleans police for throwing coffee in Jake Roberts’ face during the recent convention. The issue started over comments that Roberts had made about Smith’s father Davey Boy Smith Sr. in a previous interview. Roberts refused to fight Smith over the comments and told him to “f*** off”, prompting Smith to throw the coffee. Smith has admitted to throwing the coffee in an interview. If convicted of the simple battery charges, Smith could face up to six months in prison and/or a fine up to $1000 dollars. Roberts did not report any injuries from the incident.

WrestleCon can be eventful. Check out our live report of this year’s event.

Opinion: Well that escalated quickly. I can understand the idea of Smith wanting to stand up for his dad but, as so many people forget, there can be consequences for such actions. While I can’t imagine Smith spending six months in jail for what he did, it’s not like losing up to $1000 and having a record over it is a positive. Maybe what he did made him feel better, but I’d hope that he can avoid wanting to beat up a 62 year old man over something like this.

Do you think Smith will face any significant trouble? What is your favorite real life fight among wrestlers? Let us know in the comments below.

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