Just when you thought you’ve seen everything. This coming Monday, the WWE Network will air a special on Kurt Angle, who returned to the WWE earlier this year. While that’s not the biggest surprise, one of the guests on the special might be. WWE has officially confirmed one of the guests and it’s quite the surprise.

Mr. McMahon names Raw's new General Manager: Raw, April 3, 2017

According to WWE’s official Twitter, former TNA President Dixie Carter has been interviewed for the special and will appear on the WWE Network this coming Monday. Angle wrestled for TNA for nine and a half years with Carter as his boss. It is very rare for WWE to acknowledge TNA (now GFW), which it has only done a handful of times ever.

Opinion: As little as I think of Carter, it’s appropriate to have her on something like this. Angle spent more time with TNA than he did with WWE and it wouldn’t make sense to ignore that time if you’re looking at him coming back to WWE. I can’t imagine she’ll get that much time but having her around makes sense and should be done.

Are you surprised Carter will be appearing? Who else should talk about Angle’s career? Let us know in the comments below.


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