Nothing wrong with a visitation. As you might have seen lately on “Monday Night Raw”, Austin Aries has been doing some guest commentary during the cruiserweight matches. This makes sense due to him being on the main commentary team for “205 Live” every week. However, last night he brought a guest with him.


According to, Aries was accompanied by his fiance Thea Trinidad, who used to wrestle in TNA’s Knockouts division. Trinidad also appeared on an episode of “NXT” in a loss to Asuka. At the moment there is no indication that she has signed a deal with WWE but it wouldn’t be out of the question to see her on WWE programming going forward, either as a wrestler or a valet.

Sure why not? Trinidad is a beautiful woman and a talented wrestler with in ring experience so she would be a logical signing going forward. She was fine in TNA and showed aggression against Asuka and it’s not like the “Monday Night Raw” women’s division has the most depth in the world at the moment. Even if it’s just as a jobber, let her show up and put some people over.

Have you seen Trinidad’s work? Would you like her to be part of the main roster? Let us know in the comments below.


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