He sounds angry. The biggest wrestling story of recent weeks has been that of the backstage fight at AEW All Out. The brawl between CM Punk/Ace Steel and the Elite is not something you see happen very often and resulted in the AEW World and Trios Titles being vacated. Punk has been the main focal point of the ordeal and now a former AEW star is giving his rather unfiltered thoughts on Punk in a major rant.

Former WWE and AEW star Bobby Fish appeared on the Ten Count podcast and offered his thoughts on Punk’s time in AEW. Fish complained about Punk’s attitude after their match on October 27, 2021, as well as his thoughts on Punk’s statements during the All Out media scrum, which led to the backstage brawl. Fish was released from AEW earlier this month. Here are the comments on a variety of subjects, with transcription courtesy of 411mania.com:

On Punk’s Reaction After Their Match

“Interestingly enough, there was a little bit of whatever in the match that he and I had, and then Phil was really, I don’t know what kind of language I can use here, after the match was a c*nt. And frankly, as a martial artist, I went out and laid my shoulders down for you, you should be grateful that I did, because on national TV, if I decided I wanted to haku your ass, I could of, because you’re that little bit of threat in my world, and I’m not Jon Jones, or Anderson Silva, but I’ve been doing martial arts since I was young and I can handle myself enough that I can fold you like a wet nap, Phil Brooks. So for you to be c*nty afterwards for a mistake that you made, it doesn’t wear well.”

On Punk Stealing Kenta’s Go To Sleep

“Not to mention the move that he finished me with, it’s not even his finish, it was Kenta’s. Phil, you took a man’s finishing move, which anybody knows pro-wrestling knows that’s kind of fucked up, and you weren’t even decent enough to change the name.”

On Punk’s Issues With The Young Bucks

“So yeah, it goes back, it wasn’t a challenge, it was an invitation, like Phil, if you want to throw hands with the Young Bucks and with people who, they are on a short list of people who are my friends when it comes to this business, I’m happy to oblige. I wasn’t there so I don’t know exactly what went on, but if you’re feeling froggy man, let’s jump together.”

On Punk’s Comments At The Media Scrum

“Phil kind of showed the world the scumbag he can be. Maybe he’s not that scumbag everyday, but I guess we all got a little bit of scumbag in us and some of us do a better job of controlling it than others.”

“I mean he called Colt Cabana’s mother out by name, common dude, we don’t need that. Nobody needs to know that her name is, I don’t even know what it was, Marsha maybe. Nobody needs to know that. Nobody needs to know that. And there was a time when you and Cabana were friends. What a dirty ass thing to do.”

Kenta responded to Fish’s comments on Twitter, saying Fish was right.

Opinion: I believe that is what you can refer to as “taking the gloves off” as Fish laid into Punk with those comments. Punk is a very polarizing figure in wrestling to say the least and I’m not sure how much longer he is going to be around in AEW. I’m not sure where this is going to go for him, but Punk very well may never wrestle in the company again. If this is his legacy there, it is certainly not going as well as it could have.

What do you think of Fish’s comments? Will Punk wrestle for AEW again? Let us know in the comments below.

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