They have to show something. There has been a lot of fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic with all kinds of things going on in a hurry. A lot of these things have involved the entertainment industry, as people are being heavily discouraged from gathering in one place. This includes major sporting events as neither fans nor teams should be gathered together. Therefore, a sports network is getting creative with programming options.

Wrestling occupies a weird space in the middle of sports and entertainment. Yes it is pre-determined and does not always follow the same kind of rules that so many other sports leagues do, but there is no denying the athleticism involved. Some people find it to be a sport and others criticize it to no end. This time around though, it is going to be treated as a sport for the time being.

ESPN has announced that they will air three WrestleManias over the next three Sundays, with WrestleMania 30 airing on March 22, WrestleMania 32 on March 29 and WrestleMania 35 on April 5. ESPN has aired wrestling over the years, including a regular AWA series in the early 1990s. The network has had a stronger relationship with WWE over the last few years, including a WWE section on their website.

Those are some big WrestleManias. Check out a little bit of each:

Opinion: This is something that makes a lot of sense from ESPN as WrestleMania, or any other WWE programming, is already made and doesn’t require anything from ESPN to air. They can just be thrown onto the network to fill in several hours. That’s the kind of thing ESPN needs to do at the moment and while I can’t imagine them airing all that much of it, I’ll certainly take wrestling getting this kind of attention when they can.

Do you like WWE on ESPN? Will ESPN air more than these three shows? Let us know in the comments below.

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