That’s a lot at once. Injuries are going to happen to every wrestler at one point or another in their career. Some of these are worse than others though as injuries can range from a slight bump that can be fixed with a bandage to a horrible one that could take years off of your career, if not flat out end it. You never can tell how some injuries are going to go, and that may be the case with a lot of people at once.

WWE runs a lot of events during their year. This can include wrestlers from all over the world, either on their usual shows or in some mixture between multiple shows. That can offer a lot of different styles and you never know when you might see something special. Unfortunately you also never know when you might see something go badly, which seems to have happened with a lot of people at once recently.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, there were six injuries over the course of three days in WWE. The injuries all involved wrestlers being “knocked out”, meaning head injuries, and they all took place at either Worlds Collide or two nights later on Monday Night Raw. The injured wrestlers include Marcel Barthel, Alexander Wolfe, Roderick Strong (Worlds Collide), Rey Mysterio, Samoa Joe and Riddick Moss. None of the six have wrestled since the matches where they were injured and their current statuses are unknown. There is no specific reason for so many injuries and it is likely just bad luck.

These are the kind of injuries you never can expect. Check out some of the matches where things went bad:

Opinion: These things are always scary as you never can tell what is happening with a head injury. Those things are going to cause some people to be out of the ring for a very long time and WWE is not about to take chances when it comes to possible concussions. Hopefully they are all back in the ring sooner rather than later as this is an important time of the year and their absences would be felt. We’ll know more this week and maybe everything will be ok.

Which of these injuries is the biggest? What do you see for these people in the near future? Let us know in the comments below.

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