It’s another way of doing things. If there is one thing that is regularly criticized in wrestling, it is the creative stories that are told on the shows. There is almost nothing that you will hear fans complain about more than the way the stories are told and in a lot of cases, these are some rather valid criticisms. Sometimes stories are just a complete mess, and now we have a bit more of a perspective about how modern WWE creative runs, at leas through two people.

Last weekend, WWE presented its annual Royal Rumble event, which featured the usual two Royal Rumble matches. The men’s event has a bit more of a history and this year’s match did skew a bit older, with 47 year old Edge winning the match. In addition, 39 year old Daniel Bryan was also involved and came into the match as a favorite to win. Both of these men are part of the WWE creative teams and they have a slightly different philosophy on booking.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Bryan and Edge are seen to have two very different styles when it comes to booking. Bryan is said to be more focused on helping push newer stars by having them beat him while Edge has focused on pushing himself as a main eventer. This includes Edge pitching the idea of winning the Royal Rumble himself. In addition, Edge has been pushing for a match with Bryan at some point in the future.

Both of them have different ways of doing things. Check out their recent in-ring efforts:

Edge vs. Randy Orton: Raw, Feb. 1, 2021

Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro: SmackDown, Feb. 5, 2021

Opinion: This is a case where you can see both sides of the situation. Bryan’s way of doing things does seem a bit more noble, but at the same time, Edge is likely going to be done in the ring sooner rather than later. An Edge main event run does sound like it makes sense on paper and if you have a Hall of Famer with his resume out there, it isn’t like a main event run is some crazy concept. It might not sound great, but it does make sense.

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