Uh….sure? WWE’s Creative team is one of the biggest targets for wrestling fans. The creative team gets a lot of heat for a variety of problems and that will probably never set up. Sometimes these complaints are unwarranted but a lot of the time it isn’t clear who should be blamed. Now though, a new name might be about to be brought in and it’s not who you assumed it would be.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Dana Warrior, the widow of the Ultimate Warrior, has joined the WWE Creative team on a short term basis. She is currently working with the team and if things go well, she will join the team permanently at some point in the near future. The move is designed to add a woman’s perspective to the company. Warrior has been a brand ambassador for WWE since her husband passed away in April 2014.

In case you haven’t hear from her. Check out something Warrior has done for the company in her original post:

Opinion: This is certainly a different way to go and that’s a good thing…I think. It’s no secret that WWE has been having some issues with its creative as of late and maybe the solution is to bring in someone from the outside. WWE lives inside a bubble and it isn’t surprising that they need someone who isn’t trapped inside that same world. Maybe this won’t lead anywhere but if it’s something positive, good for everyone.

What do you think of Warrior getting the spot? Will she help the company’s problems? Let us know in the comments below.

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