It was a rough night. There are a lot of names under the WWE banner and that means the company can put them in a variety of places. Some of these places are in the ring but there are other ways to be on camera while working for WWE. That is the case with several NXT stars who are currently acting as a makeshift audience for the television tapings. It sounds rather easy, but things have not been going so well.

One of the biggest problems for WWE in recent months has been the lack of crowds. At some point they had to find a way to get someone to act as an audience and the NXT wrestlers worked as well as anyone else. However, it isn’t as simple as it sounds as these wrestlers are on their feet all day for several television tapings and it did not go as well as it may have seemed.

According to, the NXT talents were sluggish on Tuesday morning after taping several television shows on Monday. On Tuesday, 205 Live and Main Event were taped before Monday Night Raw and the NXT wrestlers were described as a bit sluggish. Someone backstage came onto the PA system and told the wrestlers to be more enthusiastic, with a tone described as a parent talking down to a child. In addition to this, the NXT wrestlers were told to bring in packed lunches which they had to eat in a tent rather than eating with the main roster at catering.

It’s been a long week. Check out some of what the NXT wrestlers were watching on Monday:

Opinion: I can see both sides of this. On one hand, these NXT wrestlers are at work as employees of WWE and do what they are told. At the same time though, they have to bring lunches and can’t even eat in the same place as the main roster? That’s a little bit much and comes off as rather ridiculous. Also, after everything they have had to stand around for, you would think someone would be a little more forgiving about the wrestlers being a bit spent. They can’t have some chairs to sit in at times? Like a traditional crowd would have? That’s too much to ask?

Is WWE being unreasonable? How would you have the NXT wrestlers presented? Let us know in the comments below.

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