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Destination X 2012
Date: July 8, 2012
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Jeremy Borash

This is a rare bit for me as I’m watching the replay instead of the live broadcast due to having to take care of some stuff. This is the X-Division show which will have a series of four matches followed by an Ultimate X match between the winners for the title. Also we have Aries vs. Roode for the world title. This has the potential to be awesome or horrible and all points in between so let’s get to it.

The opening video is pretty awesome with the X-Division being spolighted, until they talk about Ultimate X. Scratch that, because it isn’t Ultimate X. It’s #Ultimate X. I don’t use Twitter and therefore I am SICK of seeing a hashtag in front of everything. Just getting something trending doesn’t make you cool, no matter what WWE wants you to believe. It looks silly and if Twitter dies in a few years, these videos are going to look ridiculous. The rest of the video is good though, focusing on Roode vs. Aries.

JB is on commentary instead of Tazz. That’s strange.

Rubix vs. Mason Andrews vs. Lars Only vs. Dakota Darsow

The winner of this gets the last spot in the tournament. Rubix is Chikara’s Jigsaw and Mason Andrews is PWG’s Scorpio Sky. The two of them start off fast and we get a good sequence, resulting in Andrews being sent to the floo. Rubix headscissors Only down before heading to the floor. Lars and Darsow go at it and this isn’t going to be pretty. Only takes over with some armdrags but Darsow hits a knee to the chest and some legdrops for two. Rubix pops in with a top rope cross body on Darsow for two as things stay fast paced to start. Darsow comes back with a falcon arrow for two as everyone is in the ring again.

Only and Darsow head to the floor while the two competent guys go at it in the ring. Andrews hits a huge dive over the top to take out both guys, followed by a flippier dive from Rubix to all three of them. Back in and Andrews grabs a Fujiwara Armbar on Rubix as Kid Kash, the guy who gets the winner, watches in the back. Geez that guy is still kicking around? Only takes all three down again and gets two on Rubix. Darsow is sent to the floor and Andrews charges into the boot of Andrews.

Dakota crotches Lars and we get the Tower of Doom for two on Only. Rubix pops back in with a Coast to Coast dropkick for another two, this time on Darsow. The fans seem completely behind Rubix here. Everyone takes their shots at each other as things speed up again. Only escapes a fireman’s carry from Andrews but a jumping knee misses. Andrews hits a TKO on Only to advance.

Rating: C+. This was a flipping showcase and there’s nothing wrong with that as an opener. Rubix or Andrews were clearly the right choices here so I’m fine with having Andrews take this one. It’s not a classic or anything but for an eight and a half minute opener to an X-Division show, there wasn’t much wrong here.

X-Division Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Mason Andrews vs. Kid Kash

This starts immediately and Kash jumps Andrews from behind, sending him to the floor. Andrews gets sent into the post and is in trouble early. Back in for some punches as we’re told that Kash has to have security around him all the time, because you just don’t know what he’ll do. Well those 40 year old kids are hard to predict. Andrews’ comeback is quickly taken down and it’s time for kicks from Kash.

A kind of powerslam gets two on Andrews as does a middle rope elbow. This has been total dominance so far, but not the good kind of dominance like Ryback. This is the “why am I supposed to care about Kid freaking Kash?” kind of dominance. Kash fires off more kicks and works on the arm a bit. Back to the floor again with Kash yelling at a fan. That’s the extent of the “action” out there so it’s back inside for a Kash moonsault which hits knees.

Andrews makes his comeback with some clotheslines and a missile dropkick for two. A running knee to the face gets the same and we get a pinfall reversal sequence minus any actual pinfall attempts. The Moneymaker (double underhook piledriver) is countered and Andrews rolls him up for the pin.

Rating: D. I really didn’t like this, although that likely has a lot to do with me not liking Kid Kash at all. He doesn’t interest me at all and I don’t care for his insane guy that could snap at any moment character. Andrews is good in the ring but he’s a bit plain. To be fair though, this was his third match in TNA so it’s hard to complain much here. Andrews has potential though.

Joe says that he picks Aries in the main event. His strategy tonight is to get to the world title through the BFG Series. Angle is nothing more than a means to that end.

Time to look at some tweets because that’s what wrestling is really about anymore.

X-Division Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Douglas Williams vs. Kenny King

Williams still has a job? King is the top story of the week as he’s out of ROH due to jumping to TNA on Thursday. King takes him to the mat to start with a headscissors as the announcers talk about him being a male stripper. That’s not quite as interesting as him being a female stripper but it’s good enough to fill in some time on the mics I guess. Williams is fine on the mat and wraps up King’s legs to take over.

King grabs a few rollups for two and it’s a standoff. The fans are being King here which isn’t really that surprising. Douglas fires off right hands to the face so King heads to the floor. Williams goes after him but King goes into the ring and dives out with a dive to take over. Back in and they head to the mat again with King grabbing a headlock. Williams takes him right back down with a hammerlock. This is fun stuff so far.

They fight over an armbar with King in control for a few seconds. Williams takes him down again and hooks a camel clutch which is quickly broken. Douglas pounds away in the corner but Rolling Chaos Theory (a sick rolling German suplex out of the corner) is broken up. King comes back with an atomic drop and an enziguri to put both guys down. Kenny hits a bit spinwheel kick for two and a spinebuster gets the same. Williams goes up and knocks Kenny to the floor in a big crash. Douglas drops a knee to King to keep King down, just not enough for a countout.

The crowd is quiet here, which is why the Impact Zone sucks: they have bad taste. This has been a good back and forth match and it gets even better with King hitting a springboard Blockbuster for two. They go back to the corner and King shoves Williams off this time. Just like on Impact, King hits the reverse F5 for the pin to advance. That’s the right choice.

Rating: B. I was really enjoying this and both guys were working well out there. Williams is a guy that can be used to make anyone look good, which makes me wonder why he’s hardly ever on TV. They’re smart to push King here, even if he doesn’t win the title, as he is coming over from another company. If you want more people to come there, you need to make them think they’ll be rewarded for it.

Daniels says tonight is about a beating. He’s done well the past year as he’s standing here as a champion unlike AJ. Daniels talks about AJ using Clair and Dixie to get where he is and then he ran away. Based on that, he knows there’s no way AJ is winning a last man standing match.

X-Division Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Sonjay Dutt vs. Rashad Cameron

Cameron is indy guy Sabian. I missed that before. They speed things up to start and it’s a fast standoff. Dutt pounds on the afro and dropkicks Cameron down for two. Sonjay is sent to the floor where Cameron hits a big flip dive to take over. That gets two back in the ring and Dutt snaps off a rana. Out to the floor and Cameron slams Dutt into the apron to break up what probably would have been a moonsault of some kind.

Back in and Cameron gets two again off the counter. He starts to get frustrated so it’s off to a bodyscissors to give him a chance to breathe. Dutt escapes and sends Cameron into the ropes in 619 position before dropping a leg across the back of his neck. A springboard splash gets two and things speed up again.

They trade armdrags and Cameron hits a headscissors off the top. They head to the mat and it’s Cameron hooking a cross armbreaker to take over. Sonjay escapes that too and grabs Cameron in Diamond Cutter position but backflips into a reverse DDT. Dutt goes up and hits the moonsault stomp for the pin to advance.

Rating: C+. That finisher of Dutt’s is incredible. Cameron has some charisma to him and would work well as a heel in the newly refurbished X-Division. This was a solid enough match that ate up about nine minutes which was exactly what these qualifying matches needed to do: hold the fort until we get to the bigger stuff later on tonight. Good match here.

We talk about Jesse Sorensen a bit and how he got hurt. This is followed by a video on Sorensen who says that he barely remembers any of this. The doctor says Jesse should be able to get back in the ring eventually. He hopes to make a full recovery. Good video to have on a show like this.

Sorensen is here and talks about how he remembers being taken out of the arena with the fans chanting his name. It’s those same chants that made him able to come out here again, because this is what God put him on the earth to do. After a lot of cheering, Sorensen says that he hopes Ion wins the title tonight so that Sorensen can take it from him and cash in next year to become World Heavyweight Champion.

X-Division Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Zema Ion vs. Flip Cassanova

Ion stares down Sorensen as he comes through the curtain. That could be an incredible moment when they have their match. Hopefully this match is short though as Cassanova was downright dangerous on Impact. Ion kicks him in the head to start and clotheslines Flip down. Ion misses a clothesline and Cassanova sends him to the floor, followed by a flip dive.

That gets Cassanova nowhere so Ion pounds him right back down. Cassanova gets sent to the floor for a baseball slide to send him down again. Back in and Flip kicks Ion down and hits a namesake moonsault for two. The flip dive that he won with on Impact misses here and Ion ends this with a modified Gory Bomb.

Rating: D+. This was just a step above a squash. Now hopefully we never see Cassanova and his dangerous self for a LONG time. He didn’t have the chance to screw much stuff here and for the sake of Ion, that’s a very good thing. Ion looked decent here, which is about how he’s looked the entire time he’s been around: not bad but nothing great.

Sonjay, King and Andrews say they’ll win. Roode comes in and yells at them because it’s his moment, not theirs.

Bound For Glory Series: Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

Angle is far higher up the rankings due to making Pope tap out at a house show. Joe fires off some kicks but Kurt ducks and they head to the corner. Joe hits a shoulder block but Angle rolls out of the Clutch. Angle rolls him down again and it’s a standoff. Kurt takes him down in a front facelock but Joe powers him into the corner and fires off right hands. Joe hits the Facewash and Angle is in trouble.

Angle gets knocked to the floor and there’s the suicide elbow. As they head back in, Kurt kicks Joe in the chest and stomps him down in the corner. Joe comes right back and sends Angle into the opposite corner and hits an enziguri, but the MuscleBuster is broken up by a headbutt. Kurt pulls off a middle rope dropkick and both guys are down. He puts Joe in a chinlock followed by the overhead belly to belly.

There’s a small cut on Angle’s forehead. Off to another chinlock by Kurt, this time while sitting on Joe’s back. Joe counters that and goes up, only to have Angle run the ropes. Kurt gets shoved off though and Joe hits a middle rope leg lariat for two. A big boot puts Angle down and a backsplash gets two. A snap powerslam gets a third two count for Joe and it’s off to an armbar. Kurt blocks most of it and counters into the ankle lock.

Joe quickly breaks that, only to get caught in Rolling Germans. This has been pretty awesome so far and it’s getting better now. Another MuscleBuster is broken up and there’s the ankle lock again. Joe rolls out of that one as well and Angle charges into the release Rock Bottom out of the corner. This time the MuscleBuster hits, although he dropped Angle on his back instead of the usual head.

That gets two and Angle grabs the ankle lock again. Joe needs to work on his facials as he looks annoyed rather than in pain. Either way he spins around and counters into the Clutch. Angle stays in that for a good while but fights up and hits the Angle Slam for two. There go the straps and you know it’s serious now. Another Angle Slam is countered into another Clutch and Angle is in trouble. He doesn’t tap but the referee calls for the bell.

Rating: B+. I was really getting into this and I stayed in it the whole way through. The legacy these two have against each other is enough for a story which is a good place to be in. I liked this better than almost any of their other matches, which is a surprise as I wasn’t expecting anything near this. Also Joe winning is a very nice surprise and hopefully a sign that he’s on the verge of becoming a bigger player again.

That puts Joe in first place in the Series.

We recap this chapter of Styles vs. Daniels. Daniels claimed that AJ had an affair with Dixie Carter but it turned out that nothing was happening and that Dixie and AJ were covering for a girl named Clair who was in rehab. Daniels then claimed that AJ slept with Clair when she was unconscious and is the father of her unborn baby. I’m still not wild on this angle.

Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles

Last Man Standing here. Daniels immediately stalls on the floor which goes on long enough to tick AJ off. Styles chases him out and back into the ring, where Daniels spits in his face. Styles chases him to the floor again and they finally get going. It’s a slugout won by Daniels but Styles sends him into the barricade to take over. Back into the ring and AJ snaps off that gorgeous dropkick to take over.

Daniels begs off so Styles stomps on his hand. A suplex puts Daniels into the corner but he comes back with chops. Daniels head fakes Styles out of the corner and drills him in the face to take AJ down. Chris throws in a chair but pulls AJ to the floor first. That doesn’t last long so they head back in with Styles missing a springboard corner dive using the chair to launch at Daniels. Daniels hits the release Rock Bottom onto the chair but AJ is back up almost immediately.

They head to the floor again and Daniels yells at some fans. Fan: “Do a BME Daniels!” Daniels: “I did one on your mom last night.” AJ is busted open and Daniels pounds away at the skull. Daniels suplexes him on the floor but AJ comes back with some chops. Not that they matter as Styles charges into a big boot and they head back inside. Styles gets in a shot and loads up the springboard forearm, but he hits the chair, driving it into Daniels’ face.

Both guys are down now with Daniels on the floor and Styles in the ring. AJ is up first and sends Daniels head first into the steps on the floor. Now Daniels is busted too so AJ blasts him in the head. Daniels starts backing up the ramp and they go to the stage. Styles gets a running start but they clothesline each other. There haven’t been many counts in this so far. AJ wins a slugout with a Pele but tells the referee not to count because he’s not done.

Daniels breaks up a Styles Clash with a backdrop on the stage. AJ gets up on a piece of the stage and hits the moonsault into the reverse DDT for a seven count but as the count is going on, Kaz comes out and shoves Styles off the stage and out to the floor. AJ makes it up by nine so Daniels finds a table under the ring. Daniels loads up the Angel’s Wings off the stage through the table but AJ escapes and shoves Kaz off the stage. Another Pele puts Daniels down so AJ picks him up and hits the Clash off the ramp and through the table. Daniels is out for the ten while AJ is up at 9 and down at 11, but it’s good for the win.

Rating: B. Another good and solid match here, bad storyline aside. This is a feud that has been done to death for years now but we got a good match here. It never quite hit a level that would make it great, but the ending move was good enough to make it a solid entry in the never ending series. Hopefully this ends it for at least a few months, because it’s never going to end forever.

We get some tweets from various people, some of whom are TNA people.

Aries dominates an online poll with 71% saying he wins the title.

Aries says he’s looking forward to the Ultimate X match, but the division is in his rear view mirror. Instead he’ll be looking ahead and he sees Bobby Roode. He says Roode wins his matches with belt shots but Aries wins them with brainbusters and tonight he’ll prove that he’s the best in the world.

We recap the semi-final matches from earlier in the night.

X-Division Title: Mason Andrews vs. Kenny King vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion

It’s Ultimate X and the title is vacant coming in. Ion puts in some hairspray and goes for a quick win, only to be brought down just as quickly. He runs to the corner but dives at the three guys instead. That goes just as badly as Ion dives into three dropkicks at the same time. Things start speeding up and Dutt is the only one left. He goes up but King breaks it up. Ion breaks up the breaking up and it’s Andrews vs. Ion at the moment.

King comes back in and counters an Andrews DDT by suplexing him into Ion who was in the Tree of Woe. King and Dutt slug it out on the apron and a cartwheel kick knocks Dutt to the floor. Kenny goes for the belt but Dutt takes him down with a springboard dropkick. Dutt fires off a standing shooting star but hits his arm on the rope in the process. Keep that in mind. Ion makes a run for the belt but Andrews and King make the save. The two saviors go to the corner and Andrews suplexes King down.

Dutt is being takes out of the match because of his arm/elbow/shoulder. Ion goes for the belt but gets brought down into an atomic drop from Andrews. King and Ion go to the floor with Andrews hitting a flip dive over the top to take both guys down. Andrews goes for the title but King hits a springboard spear to take him down in a good looking spot.

Here’s Dutt again, after having his arm/elbow/shoulder being popped back into place. King and Andrews go for the belt but they knock each other down. Ion and Dutt go up top onto the structure which makes my fear of heights cringe. They slug it out up there and slip down onto the cables, but Ion sprays Sonjay with the hairspray. That knocks Dutt down and Ion wins the title.

Rating: B-. This was pretty good and I can live with Ion as the champion. Unfortunately his main feud is going to be months away as Sorensen isn’t going to be ready for a long time. As for now that, he’s ok I guess but King probably would have been the best choice. Still though, decent match and a solid performance from Dutt as he worked through injury. That’s probably the first feud too, which should be good.

Ion dedicates this to all of his haters and all of his critics. He also dedicates it to his greatest inspiration: Jesse Sorensen. Ion says he’s pretty now and all that jazz. This should have been an awesome heel promo but these two IDIOTS will not stop chanting “transition”. We get it: you’re smarks, you think you know something, and you got on TV. Nice job of distracting the audience and making the new champion look like less of the focus than you are. People like that get on my nerves and they’ll probably be so happy with what they did because that’s the highlight of their year.

We recap Aries vs. Roode. Aries has dominated the X-Division for almost a year now but he’s no longer satisfied with it. Now he wants to be world champion, but he agreed to give up the title in exchange for a guaranteed title match here, which is going to be the tradition every year for this show.

TNA World Title: Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

Feeling out process to start without a lot of offense either way. After about a minute and twenty seconds they lock up and Roode grabs the arm. Aries grabs the arm to counter but gets run over. They’re still in slow mode and that’s fine. A rolling cradle gets two for Aries and he hooks an STF. They hit the mat and Roode slaps him in the back of his head a few times. Now Aries takes him down to the mat and hits a slingshot tope for two.

Roode hooks a headscissors on the mat which is quickly broken up and they head outside. Aries hits a top rope ax handle to the floor but his missile dropkick misses back inside and Roode takes over. Roode hooks a chinlock but a knee drop misses. Aries fires off with kicks and tries the Last Chancery but it doesn’t go on right. Roode goes to the floor but avoids the suicide dive, sending Aries into the barricade.

Roode hooks a bodyscissors back in the ring followed by a hard whip into the corner. He talks a lot of trash to the downed Aries and hits a combination F5/Samoan Drop for two. Off to a body vice on the mat and Aries is cut on the nose. Aries makes a comeback and fires off forearms and chops in the corner. They slug it out and a discus forearm puts Roode down. A clothesline puts Roode on the floor and there’s the suicide dive which connects this time.

This time the missile dropkick hits as well but Aries charges into a powerslam out of the corner. Aries comes back again and tries the Last Chancery again, but Roode is pretty bad at selling it. Roode counters into a Crossface but Aries counters right back into the Chancery. Aries gets in another shot to the head and goes up for the 450, but Roode moves. Aries rolls through it anyway but walks into the spinebuster for two.

The champion sends him shoulder first into the post and goes back to the Crossface. That stays on for a long time but Aries makes the rope. Roode is frustrated now so he grabs the belt, only to have it taken away by the referee. That allows the champ to hit a low blow for two. Roode argues with the referee and gets shoved into the corner, allowing Aries to hit the corner dropkick.

Aries tries the brainbuster but Roode escapes and the ref is bumped. Roode hits a belt shot for a VERY close two. The fisherman’s suplex is countered into a small package for two and Aries punts Roode in the head. He grabs the brainbuster out of nowhere for the pin and the title in a huge shocker.

Rating: B+. Another good match to close the show here, but the point of this was in the surprise. This felt like a big moment and it was the right call to pull the trigger here. This show was designed around the X-Division and having the longest reigning champion win the world title here was the right way to make the X Title look like it can be something comparable to the world title. Good match too.

Aries celebrates with confetti to end the show.

Overall Rating: A-. This was another great PPV from the boys in Orlando. This didn’t feel as big as Slammiversary but for a B show, this was very solid. The main event was a great touch with Aries winning the title. Even if it’s a month long reign it got the job done and that’s all that counts at the moment. Very solid show here with some excellent matches and a show long theme. Good stuff again.

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