That’s a bit harsh. For the first time in forever, another wrestling company is coming close to challenging WWE. While AEW is a long way off from taking over anything, they are making an impact and getting WWE’s attention. That hasn’t been the case in a very long time and WWE is not used to this kind of a reality. It might cause them to do something in reaction and someone is getting caught in the cross hairs.

Podcasts are one of the most interesting things to come along to the wrestling world in years. They have basically replaced the shoot interview as a way for wrestlers to get themselves out there in front of the fans, allowing them to say almost anything they want in a hurry. There are all kinds of wrestling podcasts out there from former and current wrestlers, but one of them has taken a hit.

During a recent episode of her Excuse Me podcast, Vickie Guerrero said that WWE has banned its wrestlers from appearing on the show because she made an appearance with AEW. Guerrero appeared as a guest commentators on an episode of AEW Dark in December which prompted the ban. On her show, Guerrero said that WWE had not called her for two years and she did not know how much longer she could wait to do something in the wrestling business. There is no word on how long such a ban would last.

Guerrero was rather good in her time. Check out some of her WWE moments:

Opinion: I can see both sides of this. WWE does see AEW as competition, but at the same time, what is Guerrero supposed to do? She isn’t in wrestling full time or even part time anymore so someone offering her a rather nice payday and something that could get her back in people’s minds for a bit is hard to turn down. It doesn’t exactly make WWE look good and while it is probably something they would do to almost anyone, it might not be the best idea.

Do you agree with what WWE did? What did you like of Guerrero’s time in WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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