Well that didn’t last long. Earlier this year, WWE presented its annual Superstar Shakeup, with the two television brands getting a few fresh names added to their rosters. Then a few weeks later, WWE implemented the Wild Card Rule, which allowed wrestlers to appear on both shows in a single week. Now that WWE has announced a new Draft, things are changing again.

During this week’s SmackDown Live, Tom Phillips mentioned that the upcoming Draft will get rid of the Wild Card Rule permanently. The plan of the Draft is to divide Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live into two separate rosters, who will not be wrestling on the same shows again outside of special occasions. The Draft is taking place on the October 11 SmackDown Live and the October 14 Monday Night Raw.

Leave the memories alone. Check out the rather messy start to the Wild Card Rule:

Opinion: Thank goodness. The Wild Card Rule was one of the screwiest things that WWE has done in a long time as they couldn’t even manage to count the number of people who would appear every single week. It’s fine to have people jump back and forth occasionally, but there wasn’t much of a need for something like this. The Draft will work fine, but I’m not sure how long WWE can manage to make it last.

Do you like the idea of the Draft? Should the Wild Card Rule ever come back? Let us know in the comments below.

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