So you’re saying there’s a chance. The Monday Night Wars were one of the most exciting times in the history of professional wrestling. The battle between Monday Night Raw and Monday Nitro became a war among the fans over which company was better. That often meant a comparison of the rosters, with various dream matches being discussed. One of them never came to fruition, but it might not be dead just yet.

Sting was a guest at the Liverpool Comic-Con earlier this month and was asked if he would ever come out of retirement. Sting said that he would, though the only possible way would be for a match against the Undertaker. He said that he was hoping for the match to happen during his run with the company in 2015 but the schedules just didn’t click. At the same time though, Sting says that he does not regret the match never happening. Sting officially retired in 2016 after wrestling a handful of matches for WWE. There is no word on if WWE or Undertaker has any interest in the match taking place.

I mean, they’re clearly thought about it. Check out WWE’s fantasy booking of the match:

Opinion: While this has never been a match that I’ve needed to see, I can certainly understand the desire to see it happen. There are so many similarities between these two that it’s hard to not think about it happening at some point. I can’t imagine it actually happening, but with enough smoke and mirrors, it could certainly be turned into a passable enough match.

Do you think this match would happen? What would it take to get everything set up? Let us know in the comments below.

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