It’s a lot of people’s favorite. Booker T. is one of the most successful wrestlers of all time, having won more than ten titles each in both WWE and WCW. He’s been around the business at a high level since 1993 and has a unique perspective on a lot of things. One of these things would be Wrestlemania, which he was asked about in a recent interview.

Booker T. was interviewed by Hannibal TV about his favorite Wrestlemania moment. After giving his answer, Booker T. gave an interesting take on whether or not he remembers his own Wrestlemania moments. Here are his full comments with transcript courtesy of

“Steamboat vs. Savage [at] WrestleMania 3. Don’t get more better than that, that’s when wrestling was guys going out there and giving the fans a ride or a rollercoaster ride and giving them an adventure. Giving them a story to see from the beginning to the end. Matches like that live the test of time and I hope this WrestleMania we have some of these young guys go out there with that same intensity level, and give these fans the memories – I hear a lot of them ask me if I remember certain things, and I say no I don’t remember it because I did it for you to remember it. Remind me about it. I think this WrestleMania is gonna be no different, guys going out there and putting smiles on faces and leaving long lasting memories for forever.”

Opinion: There’s a reason that match is revered by so many people over the years. Booker T.’s comments about not remembering his own moments at Wrestlemania are really interesting as I often wonder how many of those moments stay in the wrestlers’ minds. Saying that the moments are for the fans to remember is a very different take on the question and makes sense when you think about it.


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