It couldn’t last forever. Tonight was a big deal for Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho as they celebrated the first ever Festival of Friendship. Jericho presented Owens with a bunch of gifts and Owens seemed touched. When everything was done, Owens had a gift for Jericho in the form of a new list. All wasn’t as it seemed though.

The list had Jericho’s name on it and as he pulled it out of the box, it was revealed to be the List of Kevin Owens. A huge beatdown ensued and Jericho was left bleeding before being stretchered out. The crowd certainly seemed to be impressed and Owens was booed out of the building as he left.

This was EXCELLENT and you could tell the crowd completely bought into the whole thing. The key here is simple: Jericho was doing something nice for his friend and Owens turned on him anyway. It makes Owens out to be a jerk while Jericho was a nice guy who was on the wrong side. That creates sympathy for Jericho and will make his face turn feel much more natural. Of course a lot of the heat goes away if Goldberg takes the title (though Jericho costing Owens would be nice) but Lesnar vs. Goldberg just couldn’t get over on its own.

Does this mean a “Wrestlemania XXXIII” match? Do you think Owens retains at “Fastlane 2017”? Let us know in the comments below.


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