It was a weird night. Wrestlers come and go from WWE on a fairly regular basis. Every so often, someone will leave the company for a variety of reasons, some of which are less positive than others. Those are often the situations that get the most attention and the ordeals can continue for a long time. This week saw quite the strange moment and now we know a lot more about what happened.

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CM Punk made a surprise visit to Monday Night Raw near Chicago this week. Punk reportedly spoke to various wrestlers but was eventually asked to leave, which he did without incident. PW Insider has several more details on the situation. Punk was in Tampa, Florida to do commentary on a Cage Fury Fighting Championships event and wound up on the same flight to Chicago as several WWE stars and crew, including a Monday Night Raw producer.

Some wrestlers brought him to the venue, where he stood in an area of the arena in “full view” of anyone who walked by. This is where he met with Triple H, with whom he shook hands and asked if they could speak for a few minutes. Triple H said that he had to make sure if Vince McMahon was ok with Punk being there and went to check, though there is nothing to suggest that he had any issue with Punk being present.

In addition, Punk met with the Miz and the two reportedly cleared up any issues the two had. After about twenty minutes, Punk was asked to leave by security and after some goodbyes, left without incident. There is no word on why Punk was asked to leave, but a speculated reason was due to the legal history between him and WWE.

There was no specific reason for Punk being present, though it is not believed to be negotiating for a WWE return, as he is still under an AEW contract. In addition, there is no indication that this was a publicity stunt, as nothing was filmed and there was no big moment. It seems that Punk wound up coming to the show through a matter of coincidence and he wanted to deal with any issues that he had with Miz and potentially Triple H or others while he was there. Punk walked out on WWE in January 2014 and has not appeared for the company since.

Punk has been on Monday Night Raw before. Check out some of his appearances there:

Opinion: This is one of those headlines that you never expect to see and it doesn’t get any easier to grasp after time has passed. At the end of the day, Punk has not been in WWE for nearly ten years but it seems that time has healed some wounds. If Punk has reached the point where he can talk to some of these people again then good for him, as it shows that he has changed in a positive way. Maybe this never happens again, but for a one off, it was a good thing.

What do you think of Punk’s one night return? Will he wrestle for WWE again? Let us know in the comments below.

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