Not a bad spot. The WWE Draft shook up everything on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown, which is the kind of thing that has to happen every now and then. That is certainly the case on Monday Night Raw, as both Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss have made their way over to the red show. It turns out that things might be getting even bigger for the two of them in the future.

A few months back, Bliss was confronted by Wyatt’s Fiend persona and has not been the same since. She has talked about being in awe of the Fiend’s power and wanting to be in his presence. As a result, Bliss has started to become more evil and even close to Fiend’s disciple. This is causing some strange situations, and it turns out that WWE has an idea of what they want from the two.

According to, WWE views Wyatt and Bliss as faces on the Monday Night Raw roster despite the evil, villainous things that they tend to do. This was the case for Wyatt before he moved over from SmackDown though Bliss only turned when she joined him on Monday Night Raw. Wyatt has targeted WWE Champion Randy Orton and Bliss has joined him in the process.

It has worked out well. Check out what the two of them have done on Monday Night Raw:

Opinion: This is certainly a change of pace but WWE has seemed interested in turning Fiend into a face for a long time now. That might not be the easiest thing in the world to do and it could require a unique explanation, but it is something that could work. They certainly seem to be more antiheroes than anything else, though they might just be the kind of people who could pull it off.

What do you think of the team? What should they do next? Let us know in the comments below.

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