You won’t be seeing him for a bit. There are a lot of different dimensions to wrestling, but at the end of the day, it is a physical sport that can cause a lot of damage to the wrestlers themselves. You never know when you might see someone get injured and be put on the shelf. Sometimes wrestlers need to get a piece of themselves fixed up and that seems to have taken place again.

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AEW’s Griff Garrison has revealed that he underwent a surgery in North Carolina this week. Garrison did not reveal the nature of his injury or how long he expected to be on the shelf recovering. Garrison, 24 years old, has not wrestled since the October 21 edition of AEW Dark, though there is no word on if the surgery is related to his recent absence from the ring.

Garrison has had some nice times in AEW. Check out some of his tenure with the company:

Opinion: Hopefully Garrison is good as he has shown a lot of potential when he is able to get in the ring. He and Brian Pillman Jr. have done well during their time as the Varsity Blonds but it could be interesting to see Garrison on his own for a bit. The talent is there, but if the team isn’t going to be given a serious push, there isn’t much of a point to getting them back together.

What do you think of Garrison? What should AEW do with him when he gets back? Let us know in the comments below.

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