The bell tolls in Los Angeles? The Undertaker is one of the strongest characters of all time as he’s been around for nearly thirty years and has yet to really get stale. While he’s slowed down a little bit, the aura is still there and that’s going to make him an act worth seeing almost every time. While not confirmed, we may have a good idea of one of his next big matches.

According to, the Undertaker will be making a rare signing appearance at the Frank & Sons Show on Saturday September 17 in Los Angeles. This is the day before Survivor Series, which would suggest a strong possibility that the Undertaker will be making an appearance at the pay per view. Undertaker has also been rumored to be facing Shawn Michaels at the show.

He’s kind of a big deal there.

The Undertaker debuts at Survivor Series 1990: This Week in WWE History, Nov. 19, 2015

Opinion: While I’m not entirely convinced about the Michaels match, it wouldn’t shock me to see Undertaker wrestling at Survivor Series. That’s one of the biggest events in his career and it would make sense to see him wrestle there again. I’m kind of hoping it’s not against Michaels for a variety of reasons, but seeing Undertaker is cool, as long as he doesn’t look his age out there.

Do you think Undertaker will wrestle at Survivor Series? Who should he be facing? Let us know in the comments below.

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