There just isn’t room for everyone. Wrestling is a very interesting place at the moment as stories, wrestlers, and even companies are moving all over the place, seemingly one after another. It is rare to see a week go by without some kind of change taking place and it makes for some very exciting times. Some of these changes might not mean much at the moment, but they might be something that can change the future down the line. The latest change seems to be the kind of thing that could be part of a bigger overall story.

Over the course of the year, a variety of WWE wrestlers have discussed attempting to get out of their WWE deals and try their hand elsewhere. This has coincided with the rise of AEW, which is now offering a national platform for wrestlers to apply their trade. Wrestlers such as the Revival, the Good Brothers and Randy Orton have teased leaving, though Orton and the Good Brothers have gone on to re-sign with WWE. Now another name is trying to get out of his deal and head elsewhere.

Via his Twitter, Sin Cara has requested his release from his WWE contract, effective immediately, though there is no word on WWE granting his request. Cara says that he has waited for an opportunity but has never received one despite being a team player the entire time. He goes on to say that he is grateful for his time and everything that WWE has done for him, but it is time for him to move on. Cara has wrestled for WWE for over ten years, originally as Hunico before taking over the Sin Cara character when the original left the company to return to Mexico.

This was just a cool moment. Check out the double Sin Caras:

Opinion: Can you blame Cara for wanting to leave? He hasn’t been in an important story in years and hasn’t won a major match in even longer. If he can do something else elsewhere, it would make sense for him to go and do it. That being said, he signed his deal with WWE and they are under no obligation to grant him a release. It’s nice to see someone say this with so much respect though and Cara certainly did not bury WWE. He complained about things, but it was far from burying the company. More of that if this situation comes up again.

Should Cara want out? Will WWE let him out of his contract? Let us know in the comments below.

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